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Aren’t your jokes funny anymore? You need FUNNY MEN’S BOXERS

by loveforundies   ·  1 month ago  

If you are suffering from the disease of ” my jokes are no funnier”, “I am not the funniest guy in the room”, people have started ignoring me”. Then, my buddy, you need to invest in funny men’s boxers. Sounds savior right!

Whether it’s about cracking the right joke in front of your partner or sharing an inside joke with your best friend, custom underwear for men is what you need. We know you must be surprised.

Funny underwear for men offers two different styles of underwear, boxers and boxer briefs. The comfort and lightweight feature of boxer briefs enhance your confidence and make you feel as if nothing is covering your manhood down there. Whereas the funny print on it gives you the confidence of cracking the lamest joke in front of thousands of people.

The best part about this range is, these bottoms make you look great even if you are doing gardening or chilling and watching Netflix. Well, the most important question, which brands offer funny men’s boxer and funny men’s boxer brief underwear.

Brands offering funny underwear

Though there are several brands that are offering a wide range of funny boxers and boxer briefs for men, the ones which we found suitable for your every event are Hanes, Fruit of the loom, Pair of thieves, Goodfellow & Co, and Mad Engine.

Starting with Hanes Boxer Briefs.


Hanes is one of the popular mens underwear that has been selling comfortable clothing since 1901. They offer comfortable pairs of underwear to women, men, and kids.

Speaking about the Hanes men’s boxer shorts, these are soft, stretchable with a comfortable flex waistband. As a result, the waistband doesn’t pinch or bind. 

Mens Underwear
Image Source: Target

The Hanes Boxer shorts which we liked the most are “Hanes Men’s 5pk Boxer Shorts Tartan”. 

This pair of boxer shorts are just like any other classic boxer silhouette. Furthermore, they offer a flex waistband for a comfortable fit. The person wearing them feels immense comfort due to the soft fabric (5% Cotton, 45% Polyester) used in them. Also, the tagless design leads to no scratchy and irritating tags. 

2.Fruit of the loom

An American company manufacturing clothing especially casual wear and underwear for men. 

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Boxers 

Features like relaxed fit, no bunching, soft woven fabric, and comfortable plush-backed waistband define Fruit of the Loom Men’s Boxers rightly. 

Mens funny Underwear
Image Source:

3.Pair of Thieves 

An American basics apparel company, founded by Alan Stuart, Cash Warren, and David Ehrenberg is none other than Pair of Thieves. Besides crafting underwear, the company even designs socks and shirts. 

Mens Underwear
Image Source: Pair of Thieves

Super Soft Boxer Shorts

Funny print is the key feature of these shorts. The geometric print on men’s boxer shorts gives your audience a reason to laugh if you show them. Otherwise, you can laugh at yourself by looking in the mirror.

Mens Underwear Style
Iamge Source: Target

Jokes apart, this pair of men’s underwear is a must-have as it’s super cozy boxer short, naturally breathable, offers 4-way stretch, and no-chafe seams. Further, it offers an uber soft waistband.

4. Goodfellow & Co™

Goodfellow & Co is Target’s latest affordable menswear line. The brand offers mens boxer briefs in different prints but the pair which actually bought a smile on our face was Men’s Monkey Boxer brief underwear for men.

Mens Boxer Underwear
Image Source: Goodfellow

5.Men’s Monkey Boxer Briefs

This pair of male underwear is highly recommended for your everyday activities are it is made out of soft fabric with added stretch ensuring that the wearer feels comfortable. Further, it is flat and offers a secure fit. Also, the tagless design provides itch-free comfort. 

And lastly,

Mad engine

Leading global apparel and accessories company catering all types of gender as well as sizes across a full range of licensed, private label, branded and influencer/celebrity products is none other than Mad engine.

6.Green Avocado Boxer Briefs 

This pair of men’s boxer briefs are not only funny but cute as well. The avocado print makes this simple-looking men’s boxer brief underwear cute and a must-have pair of underwear. Besides that, it comes with crew socks.


Its soft and stretchy fabric enhances the all-day comfort. The elastic waistband in this pair of men’s boxer briefs provides a secure and comfortable fit. 

To add the quirky flair to your essentials drawer, Avocado print and funny text have been added by designers.

So, add a bit of fun in your boring life and in your drawer with these FUNNY MEN’S BOXERS AND BOXER BRIEFS. Hence, when are you switching to funny men’s boxers?

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