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Cliff Keen

by loveforundies   ·  4 years ago  

Image Source: International Jock

To plan the best-fitting, generally solid, and demonstrated wrestling gear on the planet, you should recognize what causes Athletes to get up each prior daybreak. Push themselves past their limits every day and make endless sacrifices. Well, this wisdom was brought by the legendary wrestling coach Cliff Keen to the table when he started the company in 1958. For sixty years now they have been proving, improving, and perfecting. They understand the dedication, hard work, and passion wrestlers bring every day. That’s exactly what Cliff Keen creators put into everything they create.

They are dedicated to creating the most reliable, comfortable, and practical official’s gear on the planet, all at a good value. Officials must be at the top of their game every day, and we understand that, without you, there is no sport. They keep that philosophy in mind while creating and marketing their products. As the “third team” on the field, court, mat, or wherever there is competition, officials deserve the best. That is why major high school, collegiate, and professional associations look to Cliff Keen as their leading manufacturer for officials wear. Because they know how important your game is to you. And how important you are to the game.

Products that are offered by Cliff Keen are Headgear, Custom Uniform Kits, Basketball Accessories, Lifestyle Gear, Training Gears, and much more.





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