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Image Source: A Gentleman’s Luxuries

Burtonwode is a freshly launched brand for men’s underwear created by the Liverpool-based artist David Huglin who is known for selling men’s boxers of his own design which are inspired by traditional pajama patterns. Huglin named the label after a service station on the M62 motorway in Northern England to encapsulate an upscale product with humble manufacturing roots.

Men who prefer quality over price and quantity, this underwear brand is ideal for those people as the creator’s emphasis on quality and comfort. Their men’s boxer shorts are made from specially softened, 100% cotton fabrics which are custom printed in a 19th century Carlisle mill and subsequently sent down to Canning Town in London where each product is cut, assembled, and stitched. Speaking about the construction of their men’s boxers include five-panel construction, an extra panel at the back which avoids the unfortunately positioned mid-seam usually found on boxers where less attention has been paid to the comfort improving details. Burtonwode boxers for men come in plain colors, like the “Baby blue, in lovely prints like the “Einstein” and “Birds in the bush”.

Later on, boxer shorts for men are then placed in unique presentation boxes that are individual to each print pattern.

Whether it’s about staying comfortable during working hours or feel like staying comfortable on special occasions, to lounge around at home and sleep, men’s boxer shorts by Burtonwode are highly recommended for you especially if you are a working man.





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