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Duke designs is profoundly popular for its Knitwear and fabrics and having made key style proclamations in the fragment, is recognized today as the undisputed pioneer in the business with its prestigious brands thriving under the umbrella gathering incorporate Duke, Crayons, Prime Bodies, Royale Lagos and the Neva. 

Established in 1966, Duke Fashions has not just spread its wings in the domestic market but in the International market or we can say that in business sectors as well with its inventive items. It is accepted that the standards of Total Quality Management (TQM) are received in the organization which converts into doing ‘whatever it takes!’ to ensure 100% purchaser fulfillment. Duke keeps on making items that are esteemed for cash and have made steadfast clients who will agree to nothing else.

Duke offers different styles for modern men such as T-Shirts, Jackets, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Tracksuits, men’s underwear, Lounge wears, accessories, and so on for Men, Women, and Kids. 

Motivated by the characterizing patterns of International style promises you a chic, most recent, and exquisite styles with global designs – loaded with energies and sentiment. Duke Fashions has gotten back an authentic feature of tasteful ostentatiousness and Casual Designer-Wear for the youthful on a fundamental level and the popular in tone for the youthful, stylish, and to the person who needs to make an imprint in the easygoing style.





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