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Hanes is an American apparel brandthat isfound in 8 out of 10 American households and is sold internationally, including in Canada, Mexico, Japan, and the Philippines. Hanes offers a large range of American T-shirts. Besides, T-shirts include products such as men’s underwear, kids’ underwear, bras, panties and so on. They create apparels which include Tagless, ComfortBlend, X-Temp, Fresh IQ, and Comfort Flex Fit hence investing in Hanes products will never let you regret your decision. 

From T-shirts to men’s underwear, every product is produced at a low-cost global supply chain. They not only cater online but offline as well, they sell their products almost everywhere from consumers shop: at mass-merchandise to food and drug stores. As a brand, they own 1,000 retail stores around the world.

Hanes Brands is proud of its strong reputation for ethical business practices. As a brand, they focus on practicing right workplace practices and that leads to a respected position in places such as Central America and the Caribbean by the Great Place to Work Institute. The brand was even named as the best brand with a Large Employer in Forbes. The organization is a nine-time honoree of the U.S. Ecological Protection Agency Energy Star and is positioned at No. 172 on Newsweek magazine’s rundown of Top 500 greenest U.S. organizations.

Speaking about their men’s underwear range, they offer styles such as:







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