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Alan Red

by loveforundies   ·  4 years ago  

Image source: Alan Red

In 1940 MAGIR Company which is their family organization and who has made the historical backdrop of Italian design since 1940 by signing it with her name, was founded in Varese Italy which is a quiet small town and close to the famous lake district and the Swiss mountains. They started with successful experience in knitwear as well as in fashion products for famous European brands, American brands, and Department Stores.

1996, was the year when they come up with their brand. After the successful introduction of men’s underwear collection, in the year 2007 ALANRED presents its first small prêt-à-porter collection which was purely Italian based which is made for a young-minded active and independent woman who believes in herself and is not afraid of living her life on her terms.

ALANRED believes in offering one collection rather than thousands of collections, as they believe quality is what matters and not the quantity. When it comes to designing a collection, they create real and authentic Italian design using high-quality fibers, that are natural and refined.

Their authentic collection includes a regular fit, slim fit, body fit, outwear, and underwear for men. The style which they offer is men’s boxers are designed in jersey stretch for better comfort and different colors.

Besides authentic collection, they offer a premium collection which has been designed with the help of silver ions, inspired by Aerospace and sports. This underwear Silver ION is fashionable and capable of eliminating microbes to 100%. It even reduces odor, regulates the body temp, and balances breathability, leaving your skin feeling fresh, dry, and protected all day long.




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