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Looking for a cool and stylish pair of men’s swimwear and that too, “DESIGNER MEN’S SWIMWEAR”?, CA-­RIO­-CA Sunga Co. is the right place for you. CA-RIO-CA Sunga Co. products are designed by Brazilians in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for you to experience what it means, and feels, to be Brazilian.

Whether one wishes to look authentic on the beach, to surf, play soccer, enjoy the sun, listen to your favorite music, party on the streets, go for a run, and ride your bike, CA­-RIO­-CA Sunga Co.’s men’s swimwear is appropriate

Their products give you a Brazilian passion—a concept full of traditions and attitudes. Speaking about their men’s swimwear collection, they embody the spirit and energy of Rio de Janeiro. Another best feature of their swimwear is that they are handmade in Ipanema Beach. Men who feel uncomfortable in wearing men’s swimwear can think of wearing their beachwear as their distinctive line of swimwear complements the male physique without being overly revealing. Men who are investing in their collection doesn’t have to worry about the quality as each product is unique, appropriate for your active lifestyle, and enhances your self-confidence. Besides beachwear for men, creators offer men’s Fashion Jewelry, Cangas, Accessories, and Boardies. The fabric used for designing Sungas products are heavier nylon and are cut to create a nearly horizontal band across the body. They are proud of their Brazilian style and through their men’s swimwear and other products that bring that directly to their customers.

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