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Image Source: Uniqlo

Redefining clothing, with a focus on quality and textiles- defines UNIQLO rightly. UNIQLO is a Japanese casual wear dress store, which was initially established in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1949 as the maker of a material. Today, UNIQLO has more than 1000 stores worldwide.

In 1984, an attire organization called Ogori Shōji opened a shop in Hiroshima, Japan called ‘Interesting Clothing Store’. It was concluded that the brand allowedwould be enlisted under the constriction ‘Uni-Clo’, from the ‘Extraordinary Clothing’ part of the name. In any case, in 1988, the staff accountable for enrolling the name misread the ‘C’ as a ‘Q’, and it stuckallowed.

The year 1990s was not a good year for Japan as they went through a bad recession. Specialty-store of private label apparel strategy(SPA) was adopted by Uniqloin regards to their clothing, which let them design, produce and distribute their product exclusively. And by outsourcing their manufacturing to foreign countries, as many major clothing labels, they were able to keep costs low. The combination of quality but low-cost apparel made this brand “customers favorite” especially those who were on a tight budget liked their concept.

Uniqlo currently works in 16 nations around the world. In 2009, the organization yearningly promised to turn into the biggest SPA store on the planet, with benefits of five trillion yen or 61 billion USD per annum by 2020. With all the triumphs the organization has had up until now, it’ll be intriguing to see exactly how close they result in these present circumstances grand objective, which would involve a persistent development pace of 20% for the following four years. Men whose cup of tea is men’s boxer briefs and male trunks should hit Uniqlo.







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