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Image source: Masculina Wear

WAPO WEAR is a European lifestyle brand for men who wish to stay comfortable and fashionable even on regular basis. Whether it’s male jockstraps, swimwear, or sunglasses, as a brand they have maintained quality.

WAPO WEAR jockstraps for men has been designed in various ways. From solid colors to stripes, to star print, you will find male jocks in each design. Designers have added prints or made the waistband in contrast color keeping the entire male lingerie simple.

For a great swimming experience, WAPO WEAR has designed low-cut swim briefs for men which are made from high-quality Italian Fabrics. For better security, an elastic drawstring has been added to the waist. Men’s swim briefs come with 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane therefore, you will achieve a great amount of flexibility and stretachability. WAPO WEAR swim briefs for men has been designed in various prints and colors.

The sunglasses category in WAPO WEAR is different from other brands. They are into elegant unisex sunglasses with metallic frames and to offer it a modern look, they have added a slim modern design with a vintage feel.

For better eye protection, designers have included a lens with UV 400 which is further placed with a protective travel case.

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Wapo offers the following popular styles such as:






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