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Alfani is the house brand of clothing, accessories, and shoes for Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s Department stores. Gradually with time, the brand started growing in popularity due to various reasons, the use of great fabrics, the price of their lingerie has been placed at the price and the international way they have been designed. 

Alfani is a part of Macy’s and Bloomingdales. Macy’s is an American Department store which is internationally an iconic mens underwear brand and is known as a leader of the retail industry. It provides the fashionable and excellent design of Alfani men’s underwear. Similarly, Bloomingdale is a store that is known for its contemporary and of-the-moment brand that focuses on offering great services and experience to customers at the physical level and intangible levels.

Alfani provides men’s lingerias well as various clothing options to modern men. Clothing options such as T-shirts, ribbed sweaters, formal shirts, suits, etc, and in men’s lingerie they have styles such as men’s boxer briefs and briefs. These boxer briefs for men are created in various prints, solids, and fabrics such as Mesh to provide great breathability and comfort. These men’s boxer briefs come with quite a good length. Apart from Mesh, they have cotton boxer briefs for a person’s daily comfort.

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