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Tommy John

by loveforundies   ·  4 years ago  

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Tommy John is a husband and wife brand who left their customary range of familiarity to help make the people’s reality a more agreeable and better spot.

Founders of Tommy John, Tom Patterson( CEO and Founder), and Erin Fujimoto(Co-founder and Head of Merchandising) do not belong to clothing, designing, and manufacturing backgrounds. To make this brand real, they left their careers, cashed out their 401Ks, and set out to redefine the definition of men’s lingerie. Both husband and wife created a more tailored, fit, and fashionable pair of lingerie for men and women. That’s how they met ” Tommy John” and introduced it to the entire world. 

Tommy John’s founders have no idea what’s coming next and how it will look in a few years, all they were aware of were ” work hard and stay restless till the time you don’t achieve what you got”. 

As a result, more life-changing products followed: lingerie that never rides up, socks that never move down, an outfit that moves with you, and an eagerly awaited women’s line. Every detail, every stitch, every glitch, every improvement, and every new possibility, they were obsessed with everything. Tommy John is a company that is built on first, with fabric, fit, and function always at our core.

Speaking about their fabrics, they are capable of providing support, comfort, and gentle hold. Whether it’s men’s briefs, male jocks, or boxer briefs, Tommy John’s underwear adapts to the real, moves with the human body without bunching, rolling, or riding up. 

Their products keep on evolving so that modern men don’t have to make adjustments.

Popular Mens Underwear Styles Of Tommy John:







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