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Duluth Trading

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Image source: Duluth Trading

Before there was ever an Angry Beaver, there was a Bucket Boss®. This development was another class of hardware organizers, made by three ambitious dealers in Duluth who joined in 1989. The main inventory under the Duluth Trading name was sent in 1993, zeroing in on instrument packs and organizers. Afterward, the organization changed hands and moved to another home in Belleville, Wisconsin.

In 2002, Duluth Trading made a fruitful line of shirts called Longline T® Shirts, which were 3″ longer and promoted as the Solution to Plumber’s Butt. Later on, they moved their concentration to imaginative, critical thinking workwear, just as diverting, brassy promoting that utilized the organization’s shown inventories. Later in the year 2005, they came up with the first women’s catalog.

In 2010, Duluth Trading open its first retail shop in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, which is now declared as its headquarters. The “Store Like No Other” retail idea was extended to 6 areas. Clients over the Midwest came to see, contact, and take a stab at Duluth products personally. In the year 2015, they opened their 50th store in Spokane Valley, WA.

Lingerie collection for men by Duluth Trading includes various styles such as men’s boxers, men’s briefs, pattern boxers, and briefs for men. They have a separate section called “Limited Edition” in the underwear section so don’t forget to give it a click.

Duluth Trading offer following popular styles such as:







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