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Looking for men’s bodywear which is the ideal combination of design and quality? CECEBA products are what you require. The business idea of the company founder still forms the foundation of our brand: the production of high-quality men’s underwear.

Whether you go for men’s briefs or pants, you will experience the same amount of passion and love that you find in other styles.

The brand symbol Ram embodies what they stand for and what is close to their hearts: visionary thinking, passionate action, and a tireless commitment to quality. The CECEBA brand focuses on fabric quality from day one, to offer good freedom of movement and genuine wear-comfort.

When Carl Christian Schäfer decided to set up a men’s underwear company in 1897, he already had a good feel for the industry since he had been running a knit textile factory in Southern Germany for four years.

It before long increased notoriety for being the ideal accomplice for sports and exercise. In 1962, the brand turned into the official provider to the public football crew for the World Cup in Chili 1962. In 1972, they provided the German side for the Munich Olympics and in 2010, the brand even gave its name to one of Germany’s most significant handball competitions, which is presently known as the Ceceba Cup.

CECEBA favors a blend of the finest cotton, Supima, and elastane for men’s underwear. Their men’s underwear is classic yet modern, easy to wear and care, and most important long-lasting. They are likewise naturally mindful since the CECEBA bunch organizes consistency with all biological norms for creation.

CECEBA stands for high-quality and long-lasting underwear for men, comfortable night and loungewear as well as unique men’s swimwear – for your sporty appearance, in every situation.

Ceceba offers the following popular mens underwear underwear styles:





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