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Underwear Review: Pistol Pete BackStop Jockstrap Is Perfect For All Occasions

by loveforundies   ·  4 weeks ago  

Features that make the style a must-have

Features that make the style a must-have- comfort, stretchability, and softness. Backstop jockstrap underwear for men is different from regular jockstrap. Though it consists of all those features which regular jockstrap consists of. What makes it unique is the way elastic straps have been designed. 

Image Source: Mensuas

Why have these?

There are several reasons to wear Pistol Pete Backstop Jockstrap underwear for men, one of them is it’s a silhouette. The silhouette of Backstop jockstrap underwear is quite interesting especially from the back. The back elastic straps are connected with front straps with a help of rings. Hence the person wearing it feels more secure. 

The second reason to invest in this sexy male underwear is its contour pouch that uplifts the shape of your manhood.

Why you shouldn’t have this men’s underwear?


About the brand

Pistol Pete has been designing a wide range of men’s underwear since 2016. Pistol Pete has been designing comfortable, supportive, and stylish pairs of mens underwear. The fabrics used by the designers are lightweight which is ideal for men involved in an active lifestyle. Pistol Pete men’s underwear is great for intimate moments.

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Product fitting


Best occasions

Intimate moments


Fabric composition

Polyamide – spandex

Available sizes

Small, Medium, Large and Xlarge

Why would we recommend it?

We recommend this sexy male underwear to modern men due to various reasons. The most important reason is its comfort and support factor that offers a great experience to the person wearing it. 

We recommend this pair of mens jockstrap underwear because it’s stretchable and offers an adequate amount of leg movement. Because Pistol Pete Backstop jockstrap underwear comprises fabrics like polyamide and spandex, the wearer feels lightweight. Also, these fabrics are soft on the skin.

Mens Jockstrap underwear
Image Source: Mensuas

Speaking about the design, designers have used contrast-colored piping on the pouch area. This contrast-colored piping enhances the shape of the pouch. The width of the waistband in this male underwear is neither too wide nor too narrow. Hence, the wearer feels great. 

For men looking for a pair of underwear that is great for everyday activities and special occasions, Pistol Pete Jockstrap underwear is the answer. Designers have created this sexy male underwear in different colors and sizes.



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