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New Launch: With Floral Lace Low Cut Bikini, Modus Vivendi Has Again Proved “Simple Men’s Underwear” Can Be Sexy

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The Highlights Of The Style 

Modus Vivendi Floral Lace Low Cut Bikini requires no introduction. The biggest highlight of this sexy male underwear is the lace fabric. 

Modus Vivendi Floral Lace Low Cut Bikini underwear for men is comfortable and sensual at the same time. 

Another biggest feature of this pair is the kind of comfort it offers to the wearer being a skinny pair of male lingerie. 

Image Source: Modus Vivendi

About The Brand

Modus Vivendi was launched in December 1989 by the Greek Designer Christos Bimpitsos. Modus Vivendi is a Thessaloniki, Greece-based men’s underwear, swimwear, activewear, and loungewear for men. Regardless of which category it is, each section is the tailored approach.

To ensure the quality of underwear or swimwear, the team of Modus Vivendi team works closely with specially selected partners. As a brand, they have developed collections in the finest fabrics to offer unparalleled softness and comfort.

About The Men’s Underwear

This sexy pair of men’s bikini underwear is easy-to-wear.

This pair of bikini underwear for men is made out of lace fabric that enhances its look even more. Men who are planning to wear this sexy male lingerie this summer, make sure you have nothing to reveal. Make sure you have groomed yourself properly. 

Image Source: Modus Vivendi

Men who are worried about the comfort factor in this pair must relax because of the cotton and elastane combination. This deadly combination makes your lingerie strong and flexible. Its skinny design offers great mobility and breathability hence it’s the perfect male lingerie for summers. 

Modus Vivendi Floral Lace Cut Bikini underwear for men includes a contour pouch for better shape and support.

Even though it has been made out of cotton and elastane yet we suggest hand wash. The lace fabric used in it can be ruined easily. 

This pair of male bikini is ideal for low-waist denim.

Fabric Used

95% Cotton 5% Elastane

Color available



Small, Medium, Large and Xlarge



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