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An Experience of Men’s Thong Underwear

by loveforundies   ·  4 months ago  

In this blog post I have shared my men’s thong underwear Experience

Hi guys, I am a fashion blogger and interested in men’s underwear styles. I want to share an incident with you. Last week one of my friends was ready to tie a knot, so we held a bachelor party for him. There, I saw my friends were discussing men’s thong underwear. They have lots of myths about men’s thong underwear like it’s comfortable or not, sexy or not, can we wear it regularly, and many more. So today, we will talk about men’s thong.

mens sexy thong underwear

Picture credit: Gregg Homme

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Firstly, I want to tell you about thong functionalities. The thong underwear for men is a garment generally worn as either underwear or as a swimsuit. Thong Underwear carries a pouch in front and the back of the garment consists of a thin strip of material. Thong gives you a sexy and erotic look. Thongs come in a variety of styles depending on the thickness, material, or type of the rear portion of fabric and are available for both men and women throughout the world.

mens designer thong underwear

Picture credit: Wikimedia

If you want to know more about thong then click here:

Most of the popular myths about thong are “It’s a style for women”. But I want to tell you it’s not only for women but is also available for men. Some of the men’s underwear online stores have a huge collection of men’s thongs in different styles, colors, and sizes. You can check here:

What fashion designers have to say about thong?

“Everyone’s showing their thong out the back of their jeans. But you shouldn’t wear any. You get a better line if you wear no knickers.”

~Jonathan Miller

“I always wear a matching set,a nice thong and a nice tank top. I couldn’t wear underpant now.”

~Laura Prepon

“Happiness is the sublime moment when you get out of your corsets at night after wearing thong.”

~ Joyce Grenfell

I want to share also a top-secret with you :P. After the party, I ordered a pair of men’s thong underwear for myself from His Room from the brand Male Power and my girlfriend was surprised when I wore that. Her reaction was…Awww…it’s too sexy, I love u a lot. 😉 😛

mens hot thong underwear

Picture credit: ABC Underwear

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And I also bought a pair from Good Devil and that was way too hotter to handle. Check it here:

men's sexy thong underwear

Picture credit: Good Devil

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And about Good Devil, it’s a brand that is all about the show-off, sexiness, and attractiveness. The respective brand offers a huge collection of underwear styles like a male thongs, g-strings for men, briefs, men’s bikinis, and many more. You will be surprised after a look at them.

During my order, when I searched numerous men’s underwear stores with a huge collection of men’s thong underwear, I found some stores such as Freshpair, Mensuas, Skiviez, Cover Male, and definitely the brand itself – , Good Devil. I wanted to clear my doubts so I tried to call Good Devil and I had a great conversation with them. They told me:

“Thong is one of the sexiest, erotic, stylish and comfortable too. It’s better for sleeping and they are offered in different fabrics and styles for your comfort.”

Then I asked him about the side effects of men’s thongs. They told me: 

“Thong do not have any side effects! All you have to do is buy the right kind of men’s thong underwear, the right size, wash it regularly and keep clean.”

So you can try it once.

I read some blogs and articles too. Some of them are:

Guys after all these searches, I feel men’s thong underwear is one of the most popular men’s sexy underwear which gives you a sexy and erotic look. Do let me know how you feel about men’s thong in the comments below.

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