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New Launch: ES COLLECTION swimwear range

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The highlights of the range ES COLLECTION swimwear

The swimwear collection of ES COLLECTION is crafted keeping functionality and aesthetics in mind. Further, the collection comprises styles that are made out of the best fabrics. Styles like Through Pocket Short, consist of U-shape technology to enhance comfort and support. To enhance the comfort slightly more, Front cords are used to help the wearer adjust the shorts better. 

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Image Source: Es Collection
  • Styles like Through Zip Swim Brief come with real metal zip in the front which enhances the beauty of this make swimwear. In this pair of men’s swim briefs, ES has added a silicon badge on the backside of the pair. Another sexy pair of swimwear to pick from the ESCOLLECTION swimwear range is Aruba Swim Rocky. This is another sexy and original swim boxer made out of the finest fabric. So all those men out there looking for the sexiest option must go with this pair of swimwear for men. 
  • The two biggest highlights of this entire range are color palette and silhouette. How smartly designers have mix-matched colors together is worth appreciating. 

About the brand

Established in the year 2006, this Barcelona Brand ES Collection has committed itself to the design, assembling, and sales of men’s swimwear.  Months after the first opening, and on the back of the achievement accomplished in Spain, the expansion started into different nations and areas. 

At present, the Catalan company has boutiques in the absolute most significant cities on the planet and has a presence in more than 200 different retail locations spread all through the world. As it presently stands, the brand isn’t just a designer of swimwear, yet has additionally incredibly changed over itself into a way lifestyle brand.

About the men’s swimwear

ESCOLLECTION swimwear collection offers some of the best pairs of swimwear to the male populace. Though each style has something unique in it, however styles like Through Pocket Short, Through Swim Brief, Curacao Bikini Brief, and Aruba Swim Rocky are some of the best works done by the brand. 

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Image Source: Es Collection
  • Through Pocket Short are original and different shorts made of the finest fabrics. This pair of male swimwear comprises Mesh on the sides contrasting the main fabric. Further, it comes with C-through Polyethylene on both sides and Left C through the pocket. Designers have added U-shape Technology to enhances comfort as well as the support of the wearer. The front cords in the shorts help the wearer to adjust the shorts. Another factor that makes this swimwear style comfortable is the fabric composition which is 75% Polyamide – 15% Elastane – 10% Polyethylene. Fabric-like Elastane gives great stretachability and mobility. 
  • Through Zip Swim Brief for men is one of the sexy and innovative swim briefs designed from the finest fabric. This pair of men’s swimwear comes with real metal zip in the front, enhancing the sensuousness of the style. Other features which make this style of swimwear a reason to have are panel mesh and Polyurethane C-through panels on the sides. Designers have tried minimizing the discomfort caused by tags by adding a rounded metallic logo found on the left waistband. 
Image Source: ES COLLECTION swimwear
  • If you are looking for a pair that offers great coverage, comfort and make you look like “THE MOST HANDSOME” man in the crowd, go with Aruba Swim Rocky. The colors and silhouette of this male swimwear are decent and soothing. It comes with golden fabric with an ES collection silicon label on the left front side. For better adjustment, front cords are provided.

Well, the entire range of men’s swimwear comes with a lot of variation or we can say, this swimwear collection has something or the other for each type of man. 

Fabrics Used

  • Polyamide 80%- Elastane 20%
  • Polyamide 16% – Elastane 17% – Polyester 15%
  • Polyamide 75% – Elastane 15% – Polyurethane 10%

Colors available

Red, Turquoise, White, Light Blue, Gold, etc


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL


39 €- 96 €

Buy it here:

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