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What’s New in Men’s Underwear – Quick Guide

by Tim David   ·  8 months ago  

Getting some brand new best men’s underwear isn’t just about looking good, either. It’s the right thing to do. Have a look over blog now!

Hey guys! I hope you are doing great. There are times when a new person or comes into our lives just because of your needs and gradually becomes a part of it. And then it becomes inseparable. Something similar happens to materialistic things. But today we will be talking about men’s underwear in particular. The need for men’s underwear in our life, new advancements, and much more. So let’s just dive right into it without any further adieu.

To learn about men’s underwear correctly let’s just leap back into the past and start from there. It all started with just a leaf. Yes! A green leaf covering the front tool of adam. There must have been a need to do so. After a sufficient period of time, Egyptians came into the picture with a loincloth to cover there delicate area. In summers, it was nothing but the loincloth and in winters they used it as an undergarment. Then evolution struck and gave us a very vague image of underwears we use now. Today we are equipped with not one but multiple categories of men’s underwear and not to brag but it is safe to say that this underwear industry is viable to be known as a multi-billion dollar industry.

So let us try to know the new additions in men’s underwear and decide whether they suit us or not.

Men’s Bikini

You must have heard that word before in the feminine section, but that was totally different. Today it’s not limited to a particular gender.

Shore Stripe Bikini - Men’s Underwear
Image Source: Andrew Christian

These men’s bikinis are focused to showcase your body in a sexy way and make you look more desirable every time you wear it.

Men’s Thongs

I am sure you must be startled but this was the advancement we were talking about. These are the underwear focused on limiting the coverage fabric while giving the spectators a better view to glance upon.

Miramar Thong - Men’s Underwear
Image Source: Garcon Official

These designer men’s thongs are all that you need for a nice and sexy evening with your partner.


As the word describes, the underwear is built with a string-like design, that gives a different yet astonishing look to your personality.

Cover Male CML030 Mutiple O GString - Men’s Underwear
Image Source: Cover Male

Many may be surprised to know but a men’s g-string underwear is a kind of men’s thong.

Men’s See-Through Underwear

Or formerly known as men’s mesh underwear. This underwear avails you with a great variety from different categories. Consider it as a sub-category of all the categories.

Daniel Alexander DAG007 See Through Bikini Brief - Men’s Underwear
Image Source: Mensuas

For instance, one can get a men’s mesh trunk as well as men’s mesh bikini. They give a slight and sexy peek of your front tools making things exotic in a relationship.

Men’s Briefs

The most obvious underwear. Trying to be as simple as it can be, yet breaking all the records. These men’s briefs have a subtle macho look that increases your machismo and makes you more desirable.

CX01BD BRIEF - Men’s Underwear

These were some new additions in the men’s underwear industry. All of them competing vigorously with each other making it difficult for a buyer to choose from.

If you wish to add something else then do let us know in the comment section below.

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