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Underwear Review: Secret Male Lacy Grace

by Tim David   ·  3 weeks ago  

Here is review of hot underwear for men: Secret Male SMV003 Lacy Grace that is much popular among men. ✓ Free Shipping ✓ 365 Days Return.

Features That Make The Secret Male Mens Underwear A Must-Have

When you mention Secret Male underwear, you can be sure that you’re buying sexy, erotic, and fetish-driven mens underwear styles. The goal of this brand’s accessory for men is to make the wearer feel hot on the inside. This men’s underwear has a design that is out of the usual and will have you drooling. Mens underwear is designed to thrill and satiate the fetish Look at the lingerie’s attributes listed below.

Secret Male SMV003 Lacey Grace - Secret Male
Image Source: Skiviez
  • Mens bra in lace fabric covering the nipples.
  • Halter neckline with a string around the neck.
  • The back of the brand features lace and string for comfort and support together.
  • 5 strings on the abs in a criss-cross format to put your body on display
  • Attached with the strings is a contouring pouch that lays comfortably in a lace g-string/thong.

Why Have This Men’s Underwear?

Secret Male SMV003 Lacey Grace - Secret Male
Image Source: Skiviez

The men’s underwear brand’s sheer accessory is all about sexifying your private parts with transparent material. A killer mix for your personality in that intimate moment with the sensual fabric and delicate design. This sexy underwear is ideal whether you prefer to wear it alone to show yourself love and affection or with a lover so they can appreciate every inch of you. With a combination of brand and mens panties connected with strings all the way through, it looks super-hot. It is a delicious treat for your partner’s eyes. 

Why You Shouldn’t Have This Men’s Underwear?

If you are sensitive to different fabrics like sheer or lace, this can come as an itchy option. However, if you wash it before wearing it, you can chuck out the problem of irritation.

Secret Male SMV003 Lacey Grace - Secret Male
Image Source: Skiviez

About The Brand

The men’s underwear market needed to find a solution because men are starting to develop a passion for women’s intimate apparel. At that point, Secret Male was developed. The brand, which aims to provide opulent and fashionable mens lingerie, has a mind-blowing selection of sensuous, erotic, and pleasure-seeking mens underwear.

Product Fitting

Choose a size bigger than your actual size (the size of the junk). Why? Because with mens thong underwear or g-string for men coverage in the back, you can feel uncomfortable. Thus, choosing a size bigger can help you ease that issue. Apart from that, the lace underwear for men features a body-hugging fit on the chest as well as below the belt. So, you have to be very conscious.

Best Occasions

Do we really need to tell you the occasion for wearing this accessory? Well, in case you are still doubtful, you can choose to have them for romantic evenings, self-pleasure, roleplay, anniversaries, and other situations where you need to put your delicate side to the forefront.

Fabric Composition

Polyamide and spandex are used to craft and manufacture stunning and scintillating lingerie for men. Furthermore, the fabric blend is popular for the stretch it offers, along with its super strong shelf-life.

Secret Male SMV003 Lacey Grace - Secret Male
Secret Male SMV003Image Source: Skiviez

In fact, polyamide is known for being a fabric that runs long and doesn’t wear out.

Available Sizes

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

Why Would We Recommend It?

The reasons for choosing the accessory are:

  • Sex appeal
  • Sensuousness
  • Exposure
  • The delicateness of lace


  • $37.70 – $60.95
  • £37.00

Buy It Here:

Skiviez: Secret Male SMV003 Lacey Grace

Menslingerie: Secret Male SMV003 Lacey Grace

Jhonniecloset: Secret Male SMV003 Lacey Grace

Mensuas: Secret Male SMV003 Lacey Grace

Erogenos: Secret Male SMV003 Lacey Grace

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