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Underwear Review: Pump White classic boxer for men

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If you are trying to find the underwear that looks and fits good, then you are in the right place. Pump brings to you designer men’s underwear that has the ability to enhance your assets in a way no other men’s boxer underwear does! So, get yourself pumped up with the combination of durability and style. 

About the product 

This sexy men’s underwear is designed to offer you the right fit in a way that you can make your desires fulfilled. This has been possible due to two aspects which were the unique design approach and premium quality materials. As it is evident the design of this men’s boxer is simple yet elegant in every way. The next important aspect depends on the fabrics being employed while designing this hot underwear for men. Generally, a combination of polyamide, spandex, and cotton is used to ensure that the exterior and interior parts both are comfortable and to provide stretchability to these bad boys. These materials are also used to design the front pouch and waistbands that form an integral part of this male underwear. As they ensure breathability and prevent sweat retention down there, keeping you fresh so that you can get things done. 

Image Source: Pump Underwear

About the brand 

Pump is a lifestyle brand that provides quality and unique men’s enhancing underwear to the people who want their intimate clothing to outperform. It was established in 2009 in Montreal, Canada and there has been no turning back ever since. Pump has created its brand recognition with the combination of bold ideas and trendy designs. One such design is based on splatter and graffiti artwork which has gained its name and has become the talk of the town. This design is available in all categories of men’s underwear such as boxers, briefs, jockstraps, and more. Through these ideas and moves, they have been constantly defying the limits and setting up themselves as a class apart in the men’s underwear business.  

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Matt Vose

Mens Hot underwear
Image Source: Instagram

About the model 

Matt Vose is one of the biggest models in the fashion industry and is a close friend to the Pump family. He is not a just model but has been a true lover of the product and prefers it over others. He has always been a guide which has supported the brand like its own. The way he has been representing the brand is truly remarkable and praise-worthy. So cheers to Matt!

Product Fitting  

As shown these sexy male boxers provide you with the best in class fit which compliments your package and makes you the guy every woman wants to fool around with! This has been possible because it offers you a low waist fit and brings out your inner alpha. This sleek design which you get with these hot male underwear prevents you from looking sloppy and keeps you on your game, till you last. 

Product Fabric Quality 

These designer men’s boxers are designed with the help of polyamide, cotton, and spandex that makes your experience happy and memorable. The fabric is the only thing that keeps you all hooked up with these hot male underwear and with a little Pump magic, these bad boys become affordable too. 

Available colors 

These boxers are available in a wide range of colors which makes them fun to choose from. This also ensures that you get a diverse and big portfolio of underwear for men. 

Best Occasions 

These boxers for men are suitable for all events which can be either indoors or outdoors, from chilling on the beach to romantic encounters. They have just the right design and style which makes them appropriate for attending pool parties or working out at the gym. They have been crafted to ensure that these underwear are perfect for everything. 


Small 28-29″

Medium 30-31″

Large 32-33″

X-Large 34-35″ 

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