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Introducing Delicious “PLAY Yellow Jockstrap” By Pump! For Hotties Out There

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Image Source: Justunderwear

Features that make the style a must-have

This time we are doing Men’s Underwear Review of PUMP! PLAY Yellow Jockstrap. This sexy male underwear is blessed with several benefits. This male underwear comes with a 45mm soft sheen waistband with high-def fiber colors. To provide great support and lift to manhood, designers have included a black micro-mesh cup lined with blue stretch cotton and triple-band( 3) color rear elastics. PLAY Yellow Jockstrap for men includes yellow baseball stitching on a cup that makes it interesting. 

Pump Jockstrap Underwear
Image Source: Pump Underwear

Why have these?

One of the biggest reasons for having this sexy male underwear is the support and lift factor. PLAY Yellow Jockstrap for men comprises of black micro-mesh cup lined with blue stretch cotton and Triple band 3 color rear elastics which offer greater support and lift. This male jockstrap comes with an elastic form-fitting cup in blue color. 

Why you shouldn’t have this men’s underwear?

Only if you do not want to look like hot male models.

About the brand

PUMP! was founded in the year 2009 with brand headquarters in Montreal, Canada. PUMP! is a brand that creates underwear styles that are the perfect blend of sense of sport, fun fashion trends, and daring ideas. Whether it’s boxers or men’s brief underwear, one can find splatter and graffiti-style painting on underwear as they believe in keeping their demographic open. The reason behind that is, they hope to appeal to all audiences with their men’s underwear styles. PUMP! Underwear collections showcase a spinning around youth, fitness, and sport. For the most part show a look spinning around youth, wellness, and game.

Product fitting


Best occasions


Everyday Activities

Fabric composition


Available sizes

Small, Medium, Large and Xlarge

Why would we recommend it?

We recommend this sexy male underwear to modern men as it comprises of all those features which underwear should have to protect the genitals of modern men. This male jockstrap underwear is easy to carry and is boosts the wearer’s confidence. 

PLAY Yellow Jockstrap
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The waistband is one of the essential features of underwear therefore it’s important to make it soft. Jockstrap for men comes with a 45mm soft sheen waistband with high-def fiber colors that offer a comfortable experience. Its skinny design provides great exposure and leg movement hence it’s perfect for workout and everyday activities.

Image Source: Pumpunderwear



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