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Underwear Review: Armor Briefs For Men Are Full Of Features Right For Modern Men

by loveforundies   ·  3 weeks ago  

Features that make the style a must-have

Armor Brief by Modus Vivendi is shewed and formed to accentuate instead of disguise. The Modus Vivendi Armor Briefs for men highlights an extravagance hazy brief underwear for men with a glossy twofold layered molded pouch which grasps the state of your masculinity as well as embraces it well. This attractive lingerie incorporates a coordinating waistband. This underwear offers negligible inclusion with the Modus Vivendi logo on the belt. The fabric used is abnormal and made of sewed metallic yarns. This pair of men’s briefs is manly and naughty, therefore it is ideal for today’s man. These sexy male briefs are available in gold and silver colors.

Why have these?

Why not! When something so delicious has been crafted in various colors and sizes, what’s wrong in adding it to your underwear section. This pair of men’s underwear acts as a Knight in shining armor hence one doesn’t have to worry about anything. These sexy men’s briefs feature semi-transparent fabric which is light in weight and looks amazing, one gets a glimpse of their skin. Armor Brief underwear for men includes a shiny double-layered pouch that makes your pouch section capable of surviving in all situations. Its matching waistband completes the entire look of underwear. Also, it comes with a Modus Vivendi logo on it.  

This minimal and super sexy underwear is made of fabrics such as Viscose 78%, Lurex 19% and 3% Elastomero. One can consider wearing them for special events and even for a workout. The mesh coverage at the back embraces the shape of your butt very well and makes you feel as if nothing is covering them at the back.

Why you shouldn’t have this men’s underwear?


About the brand

 Situated in Thessaloniki, Greece, Modus Vivendi established in December 1989 by the Greek Designer Christos Bimpitsos as a more custom fitted way to deal with selective men’s underwear, mens swimwear and sportswear. The entirety of their underwear pieces are designed and fabricated in Greece. From the top-notch fabrics to the selective hand-design and rich bundling, anticipate only the best. The Modus Vivendi group works intimately with exceptionally chose accomplices to guarantee that our quality is the best in the mens underwear world.

Regarding the variety Modus vivendi makes Unique Collections of male lingerie, swimwear, sports apparel, Loungewear, street wear and frill each with its own unmistakable character, all designs in stupendous examples and shades of extraordinary magnificence. 

‘Modus Vivendi Male Way of Life’ reclassifies men’s underwear with style, legitimacy and supports this with individual consideration and consistent help.

brief for men

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Product fitting


Best occasions

For gym

For everyday comfort

Sexual pleasure

Fabric composition

Viscose 78%

Lurex 19%

Elastomero 3%

Available sizes

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Why would we recommend it?

Underwear which is supportive, capable of protecting your male genitals and let your manhood breathe properly is considered to be the best male lingerie and Modus Armor Brief comes with all these features.

Usually, for different occasions, different pairs of underwear is recommended for example Men’s G-string as a beachwear, Jockstrap underwear for gym classes whereas these male briefs are recommended for all events, even for your sexual intercourse. It is available in colors like gold and silver.


$35.60 – $42.41

Buy it here:

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