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Underwear Motivation: Pump Drop-Kick Brief For Men

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Pump mens underwear styles are made to captivate everyone. They join striking and dynamic hues and breathable work boards. This separates them from their opposition. Pump opposes limits with the use of colors, custom, imaginative textures, explicitly made for their plans. Regardless of anything else, Pump accepts mens underwear that are of first-class and solid, yet feel normal and agreeable. You can choose this mens brief underwear and know how exciting it is.

Main features of this mens brief underwear

Go hard or go home with the mens underwear brand Pump’s Drop-Kick Brief. A seriously streamlined classic twist, this mens brief underwear offers full breathability, comfort, and support through its mesh and cotton fusion, blackleg elastic, and a flexible waistband. Highlighted by its black accents, this brief for men offers body contouring that compliments the male form in the best ways possible. A real goal worth celebrating. If you are interested in gaining more information regarding mens brief underwear from Pump, then see this Instagram post and enhance your knowledge. Click here:

mens brief

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Some more features are mentioned below to enhance your information regarding this Pump underwear.

• 35 mm black and white elastic waistband.

• Blend of white mesh and cotton.

• Blackleg elastic and piping around cup.

• Black divider stitching.

About the brand

Pump underwear was established in 2009, and is based out of Montreal, Canada. This brand centers around underwear for men that joins energetic style, current design patterns, and brave disposition. They don’t characterize their segment, since they plan to interest men of all sizes, shapes, styles, and foundations. Most men who wear Pump underwear will in general lead a functioning and wellness-oriented way of life. You can turn towards this mens underwear brand if you like to try new styles.

Fabric content

64% nylon, 19% cotton, 17% spandex


Joel Delgado Hernandez





Extra large




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What do we like?

We like everything regarding Pump underwear including the coverage, cuts, construction, style, etc. This pair of mens brief underwear has the ability to offer you all that you want from your mens underwear.

What can be the problem?

The problem that can occur in this mens brief underwear is the uncomfortable fit which happens due to the incorrect size.

How to keep it new?

Rinse well in cold water.

Hand wash only in mild soap.

Do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron.

Hang dry or line dry only.



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