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Underwear Motivation: Modus Vivendi Secret Pleat Classic Brief For Men

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Redefining men’s underwear with elegance, authenticity, and edgy designs is what defines Modus Vivendi as a brand, know about Modus Vivendi Secret Pleat Classic Brief.

Modus Vivendi’s summer spring collection 2021 is all about lingerie with a secret pleat in your pouch section. Isn’t that interesting!

This range of underwear includes styles such as male jockstrap, men’s brief underwear, Tanga brief, and male boxers. Each style has been designed in three different colors, Purple, Blue, and Red. 

Mens Brief underwear
Image Source: Modus Vivendi

Not only Modus Vivendi Secret Pleat range is colorful but comfortable too. Besides interesting men’s underwear style, designers have included a Sleeveless top. Sleeveless top features discreet Modus Vivendi logo rubber tag stitched on the back colored block. 

The entire range of men’s underwear and the sleeveless top has been designed in different sizes. Feel free to shop for your favorite pair in your size.

However, this men’s underwear motivation is about classic brief underwear for men.

Main features of Modus Vivendi Secret Pleat Classic Brief:

Secret Pleat Classic Brief underwear for men is full of amazing benefits.

Feature 1: Modus Vivendi Secret Pleat Classic Brief underwear for men has been designed in various colors – red, blue, and purple. So you then get the choice of deciding the right form of underwear for yourself.

This sexy and comfortable male underwear comes with a vibrant brief wide waistband with a glittery Modus Vivendi logo embossed on it.

Modus Vivendi Secret Pleat Classic Brief
Image Source: Modus Vivendi

Feature 2: This style which is worn by a hot mens underwear model is super sexy and includes a pleating technique on the pouch section. The front pleat with a revealing transparent inside lining in a contrast color makes this pair of underwear a must-have. 

Feature 3: Secret Pleat Classic men’s brief underwear from Modus Vivendi is made from cotton-elastane fabric. This supportive pair of the male brief is masculine and strong from the inside out. 

Cotton brief underwear for men is great for the summer season because they are lightweight and breathable. On the other hand, elastane-based brief underwear for men withstands a considerable amount of wear. Elastane underwear does not lose its strongest properties even after several washes. Because Secret Pleat brief underwear for men is spandex underwear, your manhood isn’t jostled and moved around.

Feature 4: This comfortable male underwear can be worn on all occasions. One can wear it while working out, or playing sports, or even while working in the office. 

About The Brand

Modus Vivendi is Greece based underwear brand for men. This 1989 brand was established by Greek Designer Christos Bimpitsos as he wanted to provide a tailored approach to exclusive men’s underwear, swimwear, activewear & loungewear.

From jockstrap to men’s brief underwear, each style is designed and manufactured in Greece and high-end fabrics. Modus Vivendi focuses on luxurious packaging too.

To ensure that their product quality is best, the Modus Vivendi team works closely with specially selected partners. MV creates unique collections of male underwear, activewear, swimwear, loungewear, and accessories, each with its distinctive character.

Fabric Used

  • Cotton 95%
  • Full Elastane 5%


  • Small
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Xlarge


  • Blue 
  • Purple
  • Red

What do we like?

The color palette used by MV designers in their spring-summer 2021 collection is what we love the most. Giving these simple styles a different look is highly appreciable. From sheer fabrics to detailing in the pouch section, everything in this collection of brief underwear is worth your time.

Modus Vivendi Secret Pleat Classic Brief
Image Source: Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi Secret Pleat brief underwear for men is just like other briefs. This sexy male underwear is perfect for the ones who are looking for a comfortable and different kind of brief. The waistband in this style is wide enough to provide you with hold and make you feel fashionable. Speaking about the coverage part, this style covers your back profile very well. Hence, you should give them a shot.

This style is great for all sorts of occasions. Even if you wish to wear it for a friend’s pool party, yes you can.

From small to Xlarge, Secret Pleat Classic Brief underwear is available in all sizes.

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