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Last night was special, thanks to these naughty men’s g-string

by loveforundies   ·  2 weeks ago  

“Oh my my, whenever I think about last night, I get goosebumps. The way she touches me and the best part is, she is well aware of my weak points and when she teases me, I just want to take things much higher”

Ok, that was enough information let’s get to the point.

So the point is, how that happens so swiftly? According to me, there are two reasons, one my good looks and the second is men’s g-string underwear. The reason why I am saying men’s g-string is that it’s sexy, enhances the features, and turns on another person very easily. Although g-string underwear in itself is special, these pairs of men’s g-string are naughty as well.

1. Secret Male SML018 Delicate men’s g-string

Secret Male Delicate G-string underwear looks quite feminine due to the lace fabric used in it. But don’t worry, you can wear it. Lace as a fabric is sensual and gentle on the skin. Not only that it’s quite translucent because of which your partner gets a glimpse of your package. So you better be cleaned down there.

Secret Male SML018 Delicate men's g-String
Image Source:Erogenos

The waistband in this style is slightly different from what you see in other g-strings. Designers have kept it slightly slanting and there are two strings attached with the pouch.

Though it’s skimpier, yet you get a nice hold, great comfort, and the right support. A small patch of fabric has been added on the back covering your butt crack. You can shop this style in different colors and sizes.

2. Secret Male SMK009 My Girl G-string

Oh, my my, just look at that gathered waistband, giving it an elegant look. The biggest attraction of the style is its waistband.

2. Secret Male SMK009 My Girl men's' g-string
Image Source:Erogenos

Secret Male My Girl G-string for men comes with a pouch in sheer fabric. To enhance the pouch area, creators have used the same-colored piping on the outside. Pink, white or black, whichever is your color, just go for it.

3. Secret Male SML008 G-string

You know how much I love lace undies. I am clearly obsessed with them and this style.

This pair of men’s lace underwear gives a nice exposure to your skin and also hides your features cleverly. Now, you know why my last night was so good. Blush, blush.

3. Secret Male SML008 men's g-string
Image Source:Erogenos

This pair of men’s G-string underwear from Secret Male compliments your exotic build. For better comfort as well as support, designers have utilized fabrics like polyamide and spandex. Make sure you don’t opt for the bleaching and tumble-drying method.

4.Good Devil GDL033 Wanks men’s g-string

Are you interested in BDSM? If yes, why don’t you try Good Devil’s Wanks G-string underwear for men? Because once you put this style, your partner gets the message that how confident you are. Also, when your partner locks your hands with handcuffs, trust me, it’s difficult to stop yourself from not looking at you.

4.Good Devil GDL033 Wanks men's g-String
Image Source:Erogenos

The sheer fabric in the pouch offers that glimpse that is enough to tease somebody. On the other hand, strings used in the style, make your butt look so plump. Good Devil’s Wanks G-string underwear is the right example of naughty lingerie.

5.Pistol Pete’s PPK002 The Reacher G-String

Men who find themselves uncomfortable wearing pairs like Good Devil’s Wanks G-string and Secret Male Delicate G-string are meant for Reacher G-string. This simple-looking male lingerie from Pistol Pete looks astounding when wearing it with confidence. Don’t be shy man, it is just a style, and trust me, your partner would love it.

5.Pistol Pete's PPK002 The Reacher men's g-String
Image Source:Erogenos

The element which will give you confidence is the broad waistband used in it. A style with great comfort, good hold, the right support, and breathability, what else do you need?


These are some of my favorite pairs that I would pick anyday when I would like to have fun with my partner. You can even get lucky by getting hands-on on these men’s g-string underwear. All you need to do is visit the Erogenos official website and shop.

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