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Top 5 International mens sexy underwear brands which are designing keeping the environment in mind

by loveforundies   ·  1 month ago  

Saving and protecting the environment is one of the biggest challenges which human beings are facing right now. Whether it’s your forest animals or water animals, it’s high time to watch our acts.

Well, when we say “we should watch our acts” that doesn’t mean one should stop doing whatever he is doing, that means one should mend his ways. It means one should start practicing sustainable practices.

If fashion brands are using ways that are harmful to nature, they must opt for sustainable resources for designing clothes just like these mens underwear brands. Let’s find out more about them.

iLoveBad Organics

iLoveBad Organics is one of the best brands of men’s underwear. All the fabrics that are used for designing their underwear range are all ECOCERT Certified by their Organic Content Standard. Besides that, hemp is also used in their mens underwear which is 100% natural.

Mens Sexy Underwear
Image Source: ilovebad

iLoveBad Organics produces the entirety of their things in Southern California, so you realize they give their accomplices a living compensation. 

Styles of male lingerie: Mens boxer briefs

Organic Basics

Each pair of clothing from Organic Basics speaks to the organizational adage: “Eco-Friendly. Morally made.” 

Natural Basics work with just those industrial facilities committed to bringing down their carbon impression, are kid and constrained work free, and keep a protected workplace for the entirety of their representatives. 

As a component of the design cycle, the organization makes a point to handpick each fabric to assess its sturdiness and carbon footprint. 

Styles of male lingerie: Boxers for men , boxer shorts, Long Johns, and Running tights

Mens Underwear Blogs
Image Source: Organicbasics


Mens hot underwear
Image Source: Greenstyle

If you’re searching for moral men’s lingerie brand with a little flavor, at that point go with Vatter. 

Intending to ensure the words “provocative” and “natural” aren’t unrelated, Vatter designs their underwear for men in such a manner that not only you’ll feel better, but will look great. 

Also, parts of their income go towards supporting natural undertakings around the globe.

Mens Underwear Blogs
Image Source: Sustainablegate

Vatter offers an assortment of various styles of mens underwear and tones. Sadly, you won’t discover any of their underpants accessible on the racks as Vatter is based out of Europe.

Styles of male lingerie: Mens boxer briefs, men’s boxer shorts, trunk short, T-shirt, tank top, and long sleeve.


Mens sexy Underwear
Image Source: Bluebuck

Half-named after the sea and natural Earth, the other half is “the image of the antlered BUCK is one of raw masculinity.”

At Bluebuck men can find underwear that causes them to feel like a part of the nature you’re preserving with each buy.

As a brand that is entirely dedicated to producing green products, therefore, Bluebuck’s cotton is organically grown and picked by hand. No hazardous biochemicals or fertilizers went into the production of your men’s underwear.

Mens Underwear Styles
Image Source: Bluebuck

Bluebuck offers a diverse selection of ethical men’s underwear: male trunks, brief underwear for men, Long Johns, and even organically made male jockstrap.

But the best news is that Bluebuck offers free worldwide shipping on all of their orders, which saves you a bit of money while protecting the environment.

Styles of male lingerie: men’s brief underwear, trunks, boxer briefs for men, male boxers, mens jockstrap underwear, Long Johns.

Pact: Ethically Made Men’s Underwear

Looking for the Pact organic alternatives that fit their lifestyle? The pact is a one-stop-solution for that. Change isn’t easy, but Pact wants to make a difference in the way men buy their lingerie They believe that they can spark a movement by manufacturing the most ethical fashion products on the market.

Mens Brief Underwear
Image Source: Wearpact

Fair Trade Factory USA certified and made from GOTS organic cotton, Pact’s underwear for men is built not only for comfort but for sustainability as well.

Pact sells men’s boxers, men’s brief underwear, and of course, boxer briefs for men in a variety of colors and designs. Where Pact stands out is their low prices.

Each pair of PACT underwear costs around $12 which is far cheaper than the ones from Calvin Klein. Also, they are known for undies that are helping in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Styles of male lingerie: Men’s boxer underwear and mens brief underwear

Give these mens underwear brands a shot as your small step can create a bigger impact on mother earth.

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