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5 Brands of Thongs You Need to Try Today

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In 1999, we utilized our effective experience selling Unico in Colombia as inspiration to migrate to MIAMI, FL and become the first discount merchant for UNICO Underwear. It was cool to present a new brilliant, dynamic lingerie brand to a formerly customary exhausting U.S. underwear market. Additionally that year, the creators built up the site with a definitive objective of building a one-stop look for some remarkable, claim-to-fame brands of men’s underwear. Erogenos transport all over the world and value their customers. To know more about Thongs Underwear read here.

Apart from Erogenous, lingerie brands such as Male Power, Secret Male, Agacio, Honcho and Feel are great for your men’s Thong.

1.Male power

Male Power came up with the idea of “male lingerie,” a mark instituted by their visionary originator, Sam Baker. Speaking about the mid-1970s, when their organization got started, it was all about unique thoughts and venturesome.

Mens Thongs Underwear
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Male Power gives more than 55 novel assortments and 300 tremendous styles including male thongs as well. Each pair of men’s thong underwear is flawlessly created. Long stretches of understanding and input have helped them to acquire flawlessness in their items and because of which today they are known for men’s thongs, boxer briefs, briefs and so forth.

2.Secret Male Thongs

Built-up in the year 2017, the name is planned for keeping things energizing in your regular day-to-day existence. The very hot and tastefully energizing underneath of the brand is structured explicitly for the cutting edge male populace which beautifully embraces your manly features hence you get the results.

It’s possible to take your sex appeal to the next level with Male power thong underwear.

Mens lace thong
Image Source: Erogenos

Next is comfort. Male Power Thong is cosy which let you appreciate the occasion. Thong of Male Power and different styles which are created in lightweight fabric permits your masculinity to breathe. Their styles are made of polyamide with a blend of spandex and LYCRA. Polyamide permits your skin to inhale and perspiration lessens moisture maintenance and keeps your masculinity spoiled throughout the day.


With the thought process of giving the advanced male populace countless choices, Erogenos just recently introduced a brand new underwear brand, Feel that was launched in May 2017, to provide the male anatomy with a bigger bulge. Male thongs provided by Feel is one of the best things that one can have.

They put forward a selective collection of styles including boxer brief, bikini and even your delicate, Thongs for men. To support the male anatomy throughout the day, keeping the same at the comfort and providing a luxurious feel no matter what the situation is, Feel’s thong is always there for you. With fabrics like polyamide, viscose, and spandex, the feeling is surely going to be spectacular below the waistband.

Thong Underwear for men
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Feel brings along the latest technology when it comes to providing the best feeling to the manhood.


Presented in the business in 2016, Honcho delivers an assortment that isn’t just outwardly engaging, it likewise adds to the degree of help to the male anatomy.

With an essential assortment of fashioner clothing styles, the main combination incorporates men’s Bikini, Boxer shorts and Thong for men.

For Honcho, your solace and moisture-wicking waistband are generally significant as originators have faith in giving a better understanding to their clients. You can find styles in different fabrics such as polyamide, polyester, and spandex in various proportions additionally add to the ideal stretch to the legs. If you are a fan of microfiber underwear, this brand is for you.

Thong Underwear blogs
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Agacio is articulated “AgaSSIO,” which signifies “great” in Greek. It was introduced to the world in January of 2013 by Joel Gandara. Joel Gandara brought this incredible brand which only offers comfort and support.

Their “intended for men, by men” mantra is critical to the architects since they couldn’t locate the ideal fit for quite a while. The most well-known piece of Agacio underwear is the uniquely planned shape of your pouch that lifts your bundle which encourages you to fall in the right spot without modifying for the day. For lightweight and delicate fit Agacio uses 96% modal and 4% spandex.

Thong Underwear blogs
Image Source: Erogenos

Agacio means to present to you the best fitting pocket and the essential structure of this underwear has a lot to offer you. You will be amazed to know, how flexible is their waistbelt. Also, it gives a unique fit and lies easily against the body. Their lingerie is mostly flyless.

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