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What are the health benefits of sleeping without men’s lingerie?

by loveforundies   ·  1 year ago  

Going commando is not an unhealthy habit to follow, it just you should when and how you need to opt for example going commando sounds a bad idea while you are in office, during workout session as it can lead to several health issues but staying nude without men’s lingerie while sleeping can improve your health to great extent.

Though you must be aware of several health benefits that you can attain through sleeping naked, still few benefits are hidden inside a nutshell. Are you ready to get surprised?

1.Great air flow

Men’s lingerie is not so- perfect even if it keeps your male genitals protected from sturdy fabrics of outer clothing, it gives sexy shape to your butt, still, it lacks somewhere or the other and that is it restricts the airflow. Now you must be wondering how come because there are fabrics which let your manhood breathe smoothly.

Well, if you are habitual of wearing men’s lingerie in natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk then you might not feel so restricted but if your underwear is made out of synthetic fibres, things might become worse. Hence for the betterment of your health, stay naked while sleeping.

2. It improves better sleep quality

Sleeping naked let you have the most comfortable sleep ever as even the most comfortable lingerie makes you uncomfortable due to bunching up or feeling itchy along the seams, as a result, you keep on waking up in short intervals which not only makes you irritated but disturb your sleep as well hence you feel like sleeping all the long next day. sleeping in men’s lingerie can disturb your sleep cycle as well.

Mens Lingerie
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Hence, sleeping naked sounds beneficial.

One should also avoid wearing tight underwear in their day-to-day life and while sleeping.

3.Keeps your skin healthy

To prove that ” sleeping naked keeps your skin healthy and is capable of healing your wounds “, researchers did a small experiment.

Participants were divided into three groups in which one group included people who received a sufficient amount of sleep, the second group consist of men who were the sleep-deprived and third group was filled with people who were highly sleep-deprived but received extra nutrients.

so the people who slept well recovered faster as compared to the ones who were sleep-deprived and that extra nutrition thing didn’t make any significant difference in healing wounds.

hence make sure you are getting sufficient amount of sleep and to add a cherry on the top, go commando.

men's lingerie
Image Source: Teamm8

4. Sleeping naked increases male fertility.

 well, well, you must be surprised to know that sleeping naked can make you a better daddy because it increases your sperm quality and increases male fertility as well.

Different researchers were done to know the reason behind this fact.

Well researchers of  Standford university and the national institute of child health and human development which is known as NCIHD in Maryland, collected 500 men in the time frame of 12 months. well, they came to a conclusion that men who were wearing boxers in the day time and wear sleeping naked at night had 25% has DNA  fragmentation as compared to the ones who wear wearing it during morning and night.

well if you are sleeping in loose men’s underwear the chances of DNA fragmentation is decreased so researchers advised men not to wear lingerie while sleeping and even if you are planning to wear them, make sure they are loose fitted just like boxers so that your sperm stays cool.

If you are planning to take your marriage one step ahead, start preparing for it from today onwards.

5. Makes your sex life interesting without men’s lingerie

whether you want to try sexy men’s thong or just want to go commando, if you feel you can pull it off with confidence and want to do it because you wanted to and not because your partner wants you to do it, then only go ahead with this decision. When you yourself are feeling uncomfortable how can you expect to have the best sexual intercourse?

Although there are some people who do gets turn on when they see their better half completely naked and if your partner is among one of them, make sure you are comfortable in doing that.

6.No more stress and anxiety without men’s lingerie

you must have tried a lot of things such as meditation, surrounding yourself with scented candles or even stocking up green tea and jasmine tea, but nothing worked out.

Have you ever tried sleeping naked? Sleeping without men’s lingerie can help you to fight with stress and anxiety because there is nothing down there to bother you hence when cold air  touches your male genitals, you get a pleasant feeling which relaxes your mind and let you achieve the state of nirvana

Also, when you get the best sleep chances of getting prone to depression and suicide,  decreases.

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