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These sports personalities are killing photoshoots like models in Mens Underwear

by loveforundies   ·  8 months ago  

Personalities like David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, you have been watching them playing their favorite sports. You will be amazed to know that besides kicking other team players asses, these sports personalities are killing the advertisement industry with their charming looks and confidence, especially male sports players.

Let find out which styles of mens underwear do these celebrities endorse.

1. CELEBRITY: David Beckham

Who doesn’t know David Beckham’s contribution to the modeling industry! Not only is known for his splendid performance in sports but knows for his killing looks and hot body. The way he carries his men’s underwear is unbeatable and the way he owns them, it’s hard to express in words. 

The style of mens underwear which David Beckham promotes is Emporio Armani’s boxer briefs for men. You will be surprised that Emporio Armani’s campaign was so successful that Becks went alone, launching his range of H&M underwear for men. So now you know the secret behind the classiness of the H&M mens underwear range.

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2.CELEBRITY: Freddie Ljungberg

Freddie Ljungberg, the former Arsenal winger was renowned for his metrosexual look just like his movement and abilities on the pitch. The Swede was picked as the face of Calvin Klein’s then-universal range of mens boxer briefs , with huge billboards embellishing numerous a cityscape during the 2000s. 

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Image Source: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s mens boxer briefs campaign was so high-profile that he become famous as an ” underwear model” to many in the US. People were less aware of his soccer ability.

Besides Freddie Ljungberg, huge credit goes to tennis players Fernando Verdasco and Janko Tipsarevic, who also modeled for CK.

3.CELEBRITY: Nicklas Bendtner

Mens Hot Underwear
Image Source: Businessinsider

Nicklas Bendtner, an occasional striker Bendtner was innovatively using mens underwear as a medium to promote wagering organization Paddy Power while playing for Denmark at Euro 2012. It was a costly bit of guerrilla showcasing eventually – UEFA fined him £80k for penetrating their severe principles on supporters – however fortunate for him the bookmakers got the bill, enchanted with the free exposure.

CELEBRITY: Cristiano Ronaldo 

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Image Source: thefashioninsto

Another famous name after David Beckham in the modeling industry is Cristiano Ronaldo. Armani founders were scared after Beckham left Armani. But somehow they managed to sign Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal for their men’s underwear campaign, a big fan of C-Ron’s Real Madrid. The two shoots were somewhat camper than Beckham’s, yet the continental European market is marginally more exhausted than Britain’s.

5.CELEBRITY: Tim Tebow

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Exclusive who won’t go ‘right’ in his endeavors to sell mens underwear is NFL star Tebow. The New York Jets quarterback is a sincere Christian and consented to pitch Jockey’s exemplary mens underwear on the condition he didn’t strip down to his underwear. Thus he is either completely dressed or topless in athletic equipment in this mission. Appears to be somewhat futile, however, the brought back to life market is tremendous in the US and Jockey seem glad to target it.

Well, watching these male celebrities wearing styles of mens underwear is like a treat. They carry so well that it’s hard to not look at them. Therefore, men should learn something from these sports personalities and must implement that confidence in everyday life. 

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