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New Launch: VIRAL VINYL MEN’S JOCKSTRAP is hot as hell

by loveforundies   ·  4 years ago  

The highlights of the style (the product you are introducing)

Modus Vivendi freshly launched men’s jockstrap is made for those who like to keep on adding Glossy and shiny looking men’s underwear because the fabric used in it is glossy and shiny and its name has been inspired by that, Viral Vinyl line. The silhouette of these male jocks  are a super sexy cut covered by a broad waistband for extreme comfort and a shiny lavish design. These male jocks are available in various colors such as black, grey, blue & yellow. MV puffer logo thermos embroidered on the waistband.

About the brand

The MV World draws inspiration from our Vision: to deliver a new experience in men’s underwear fashion with the Male Way of Life. As a brand, they want to help men in setting new standards and help them in expressing themselves. They do not believe in fashion norms which are already set, they believe in creating them. For them, designing lingerie is not just about “doing for sake of money”, for them, it is fun therefore you will find all their styles unique and non-repetitive. Modus Vivendi’s Moto was and always be: `We do what we do because we love it`.

This is a Thessaloniki, Greece based underwear brand which was, launched in December 1989 by the Greek Designer Christos Bimpitsos as a more custom-made way to deal with selective men’s underwear, men’s swimwear & sportswear.

Whether style belongs to the underwear section or swimwear or sports section, each pair is created and manufactured in Greece. From the great materials to the restrictive designs and lavish bundling, anticipate only the best.

About the men’s underwear

These pair of men’s jockstrap are designed for offering you more than comfort therefore one can wear them even when they are off duty and feel like having some fun.

Its glossy finish is what makes it unique from other pairs of jockstraps. Talking about the design part, it’s just like your ordinary pair of male jocks, the magic is spread by the fabric used in it. Men who are not comfortable in pairing their manhood with lingerie with a string like a waistband can switch to this freshly launched male jockstraps by Modus Vivendi.

Mens jockstrap underwear
Image Source: Modus Vivendi

One can trust them for their beach time, foreplay, and even for your workout sessions. This is the perfect men’s underwear for fashion experts and for those who believe in making a bold statement or fetish lovers that are continuously searching for erotic underwear.

Just make sure you are not ruining it by washing in a washing machine. Opt for gentle hand wash in warm water with mild detergents, soaps. No scrubbing with a brush. Tumble dry and bleaching techniques which are not suggested. Avoid washing them with rough surfaces and always turn your underwear inside out before cleaning.

Jockstrap underwear for men
Image Source: Modus Vivendi

Fabric Used

Made of 100% polyurethane

Colors available

Black, Grey, Blue and yellow

Jockstrap for men
Image Source: Modus Vivendi


Small, Medium, Large, X-large



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