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Underwear Review: Modus Vivendi Camouflage Collection

by loveforundies   ·  2 weeks ago  

Features that make the camouflage collection from Modus Vivendi a must-have

The Camo style is never out of fashion. Dress it up with some army print “mens underwear” and you get a hot, edgy look. Be fashionable and fun wearing some camouflage print when in gym or out with friends. These camo pieces of “underwear for men” are super-comfortable and easy to combine, making the ultimate masculine look. The Camo style will wake up your will to fight for your lifestyle. “Modus Vivendi underwear” is taking the hugely popular camo trend to the next level with a unique geometric print. The Camouflage Collection comprises of tanga, mens brief, mens boxer, tank top, shirt, and shorts. If you are keen to know more about it then see this video and know how alluring this collection will look on you. Check here:

Some detailed features of “Modus Vivendi underwear” is given below:

Sexy Camouflage print

Different styles (talk about which styles are there in the category)

Comfortable pouch options

See-through texture

Why have this mens camouflage collection from Modus Vivendi?

You should certainly have “mens underwear styles” for it is:

Comfortable variants

Includes the collection of shirts

Have see-through variants

Enhances sexiness

Why you shouldn’t have this camouflage collection?

There are men who like to keep it simple down there and hence, these camouflage collections from “mens underwear brand” Modus Vivendi won’t be comfortable for them at the first place.

Another reason can be that you chose the wrong size, you may suffer from various skin related issues.

About the brand

Came up in 1989 by Greek architect Christos Bimpitsos, “Modus Vivendi underwear” follows a slogan of catching a “male lifestyle” — one that requests sexy look, comfort, support, and fashionable.

Modus Vivendi “mens underwear” offers another experience for men. Their plans go from refined ordinary mens boxer briefs, to mens jockstraps, to mens briefs that are creative as they are appealing. Indeed, even with the wide assortment of alternatives, each pair of Modus Vivendi “underwear for men” is charming to wear and to take a gander at. Modus Vivendi guarantees that each pair of mens underwear they make is an incredible one — utilizing top notch materials and master fitting to guarantee that you get a characteristic, agreeable fit that keeps going the entire day.


Jake Hobbs

Frank Martins

Darién J Theller

Product fitting

This Camouflage collection from the best mens underwear brand fit comfortably on your body and gives you the coverage all over. The mens underwear styles look support your assets while the shirt collections look best on you. If you want to know more then check out this Instagram post:

Best occasions

When you plan to relax at home

While spending private time with your partner

While working in the office

Fabric composition

Camouflage shirt, Camouflage shorts, Camouflage pants: Polyester 92% Spandex 8%

Camouflage brief, Camouflage jockstraps, Camouflage boxers, Camo tanga briefs: Viscose 95% Elastane 5%

Available sizes





Why would we recommend it?

We recommend this collection of mens underwear and mens shirt because every man needs to enhance their fashion in today’s world. This camouflage collection from Modus Vivendi is the best to help you become a fashion influencer for many.






$33.70 – $76.07

Buy it here:

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