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Underwear Motivation: Stay motivated with Supawear Pow-Brief underwear for men. Want to know how?

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Brief underwear for men By Supawear incorporates a solitary layered pocket for more opportunity and solace. Its super-fit complements your pelvic (V) line and glutes as well as the XCURV front offers extraordinary lift and additional help without being prohibitive. Another advantage of the CURV pocket is that it gets your male privates far from your skin and lessens skin diseases, for example, teasing and perspiring.

Fruit Punch men’s briefs too have a provocative fit that emphasizes on your pelvic area and your abs.

Putting resources into these male briefs is an extraordinary thought since it gives your young man an upgraded yet natty lift. It’s lightweight and cooling impact keeps you comfortable for the entire day and night.

Mens Brief Underwear
Image Source: Supawear

Main features:

  • Single layered pouch for more freedom and comfort
  • XCURV pouch which gives extreme pouch boost and extra support without being restrictive
  • Super fun fit to accentuate your pelvic (V) line and glutes

About the brand

Supawear is an Australian men’s underwear brand and youthful sibling of 2eros, who are taking on some innovation, for example, the ‘CURV’ pattern. Supawear accepts that design isn’t just restricted to what you can see outwardly, yet in addition what lies underneath. Ending up in a real sense in all layers is a big motivator for Supawear. Supawear gives men attractive, fun, and reasonable fundamentals intended to cause them to feel like superheroes. The brand highly esteems offering “Supa” quality and design, which is undoubted “not for the normal.”

Fabrics Used

90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.


  • S 30-31 inch 76-79cm
  • M 32-33 inch 81-84cm
  • L 34-35 inch 86-89cm
  • XL 36-37 inch 91-94cm


These men’s briefs are planned in different tones such as POW Brief Underwear – Dessert, POW Brief underwear- Fruit Punch, and POW Brief Underwear- Ink. Pick the one in your favorite print.

What do we like?

These men’s briefs incorporate the XCURV pocket that flawlessly lifts, supports, and holds your male privates as well as keeps them inopportune spots without being prohibitive. This brilliant and provocative male lingerie highlights a very dynamic and inspiring print; subsequently, these men’s briefs suffice to transform your awful day into a decent day, thus we prescribe you to pick Supawear POW brief underwear for men. This hot looking brief underwear for men contains the elasticated waist belt in dark with the Supawear logo rehashed.

Talking about the textures, these men’s briefs are planned in 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex that makes your unmentionables dampness safe, stretchable, and adaptable. Being a moisture-safe lingerie, you can confide in them for your exceptional exercises since it retains the perspiration very well that leaves your male underwear dry. Correspondingly spandex in these male lingerie improves the adaptability, stretchability of your brief underwear.

Even though it’s a great pair of male lingerie, pressed with a hundred focal points still we would prescribe you to remember a few things, for example, don’t go for machine wash, or tumble dry as it can demolish the nature of the fabrics utilized in these male briefs.

What can be the problem?




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