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New Launch: Mensuas Introducing New Pairs of Male Thongs

by loveforundies   ·  2 years ago  

The Highlights of the Range

  • The biggest highlight of this range is this is suitable for every man out there. Whether you are someone who wants to start with sexy male underwear but without feeling conscious in them or you are someone who doesn’t feel shy in bold styles, these fresh arrivals are perfect for you.
  • These pairs of male thongs are designed in different brands. Further, the new arrivals category consists of male thongs from different lingerie brands like Male Power, Daniel Alexander, and so on. 

About the Brand

Mensuas is a website that sells men’s underwear and swimwear from brands such as Calvin Klein, 2xist, Cover Male, Good Devil, Daniel Alexander, Miami Jock, and many others. Further, at Mensuas you will find various new styles of men’s underwear and swimwear as they keep on updating new styles of male lingerie and swimwear. Also, Mensuas has been serving the best male lingerie and swimwear styles for 14 years. 

Cover Male CMK060 Half Naked Thong
image source: mensuas

To ship their orders faster, Menusuas uses services like USPS & FedEx service and even ships worldwide.

About the Men’s Underwear

These new pairs of men’s thongs are suitable for every occasion and compatible with the taste of all types of men. These fresh pairs of male thongs are designed to keep the requirements like great comfort and the right support in mind. Along with thongs, you can shop other styles of male underwear such as male boxers, male briefs, men’s bikini underwear, men’s boxer briefs, and so on. Speaking about the brands from which you can shop male thongs are Male Power, MaleBasics, Unico, Candyman, DMK, Agacio, Cover Male, etc. 

Cover Male CMK060 Half Naked Thong
image source: mensuas

These fresh arrivals of men’s thong underwear look great when you wear them in the right size and with great confidence because some of them truly require your confidence. Furthermore, whether your main goal is to look great on the beach or wish to feel comfortable and stylish, these new arrivals got everything covered.


The fabrics which are used in designing these pairs of the male thong are Polyamide-spandex, Polyamide-spandex-polyester, Viscose-Polyamide-Spandex, Polyamide-Spandex and many more.

Cover Male CMK060 Half Naked Thong
image source: mensuas

The combination of these fabrics enhances the entire men’s underwear and even offers great support as well as comfort for the person wearing it. Moreover, Spandex makes your male thong much more stretchable and flexible as a result you can wear them whenever you wish to and on whichever occasion you wish to.

Care Instructions:

No matter whether the fabrics used in creating men’s thong is delicate or not, you need to wash them gently with your hands. Cold water is recommended for their wash. If you want to bleach your thongs, I suggest not to because this can ruin the quality of the fabric used in them. Tumble dry is another big no in the case of male thongs henceforth go for hanging them in dry. No ironing.

Fabrics Used

  • Polyamide – Spandex
  • Polyamide -Spandex -Polyester
  • Viscose – Polyamide – Spandex
  • Polyamide – Spandex

Colors Available :

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Red
  • Turquoise
  • Purple
  • White
  • Royal Blue
  • Navy Print
Cover Male CMK060 Half Naked Thong
image source:

Sizes :

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Xlarge
  • XXLarge

Price range :

$10.50- $22.62

Buy it here:

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