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My experience with men’s thong underwear after wearing 1 month

by loveforundies   ·  2 months ago  

Few days back, I was having a fun time with my friends. We were happily enjoying our coffee when one of my friend was telling about men’s thong underwear. He was telling how comfortable it feels down there when you have a male underwear but no male underwear. What is actually meant was, having a pair of underwear which is so lightweight and does not have excess fabric.

Mens Thong Underwear
Image Source: Nordstrom

I was surprised how can someone feel like” naked” even while he/she is wearing a pair of lingerie and trust me, I was really curious to know (after all I am a curious person). That’s when I decided to go for men’s thong underwear. He advised me to shop this male underwear from online stores. Now, before heading towards my experience with thongs, let me introduce this style to those who have no idea about it.

What are thongs?

Thong is a style which is worn either as underwear or swimsuit. This style of lingerie is even worn for traditional and ceremonies or competitions in some countries. Moreover, this pair of male lingerie resembles of bikini bottom however, if you look at the back, the material used is reduced to a minimum. And that’s the reason why they appear sexy and provide you immense comfort.

What makes thongs for men so comfortable?

The reason why thongs for men is comfortable due to tight but wide waistband. Furthermore, the wide waistband grabs your waist so perfectly that you receive enough support to the pouch and keep the thong in right the place. This sexy male underwear is hot, confident and comfortable.

Modus Vivendi
Image Source:

My experience with men’s thong underwear

My first experience with men’s thong underwear was quite comfortable and uncomfortable. Uncomfortable because I have always worn styles like men’s brief underwear, male boxer briefs and briefs. Trying a style which is so skinny was like a taking a roller coaster ride for the first time.

Thong G String Lingerie Underwear Gay
Image Source: Calvin Klein

For first few days that little fabric joining the front pouch and back fabric was making me uncomfortable as it was pinching me every time I was moving. I tried to perform few tasks such as workout because I have heard men saying ” Thongs for men are the best workout underwear you could ever have” so I thought, let’s do my Pilates today wearing this skinny pair of male lingerie. And, again it wasn’t a great experience. Next issue which I faced in this pair for couple of days was that itching in the private parts. Hence, I went for a complete makeover down there. 

This entire scene went for couple of weeks but after that everything felt so smooth. I literally felt as if nothing is covering my private parts down there.

calvin klein male thong

The fabrics used in the designing of these male thongs made me experience what is real comfort and the one which I have is made out of polyamide-spandex and modal. Modal in itself is a soft fabric and if I talk about the characteristics of polyamide and spandex, well, I have no words for that. The combination of polyamide and spandex gives you enough stretch and flexibility. So, all those of you who are looking for a pair of underwear that moves with you and let you perform better in intense activities, switch to Polyamide-Spandex underwear.

How to take care?

Always remember, underwear styles like thongs, male G-string underwear, bikini and jockstrap for men are way different from your briefs or boxer briefs. Hence, treating these styles differently is something need not to mention. These underwear styles for men should never be machine washed and tumble dry. Always prefer places where the sunlight is in moderate amount and make sure you don’t iron them. Also, there is no need to use color safe liquids because these are definitely not “FABRIC SAFE:”.

Right occasion to wear thongs for men

Well, after completion of 1 month I was so obsessed with thongs that whether I am going for a party or gym, I will be wearing only thong underwear. This style is comfortable, sleek and gives a nice shape to my butt so I have full right to pair it with each outfit.

So, this was my mens thong review. Overall, my experience with men’s thong underwear was fabulous and all those men who wish to give this skinny male underwear a shot, must go for it. Also, do keep patience. 

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