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New Launch: Intymen Proud Jock for men

by loveforundies   ·  8 months ago  

The highlights of the mens jockstrap underwear

Intymen freshly introduced their new arrivals and this time, the men’s underwear brand made it quite clear that it is all about soft pastels and smooth fits. Introducing a variety of options like men’s brief underwear, trunks for men, and men’s jockstrap underwear, we will be talking about the mens jockstraps in this blog.

The very first glimpse of the men’s jocks reveals that things will be smooth and lavish below the belt. The broad yet flat waistband, the bulky pouch, or the bare butts with leg bands are the rest of the features that build together a feeling of subtlety, smoothness, and support down there. The icing on the cake is the assurance that the contrast colored brand tag provides.

Take a look at the features of the men’s jockstraps

Sexy men’s jockstrap underwear by Intymen

Solid coverage with conventional jockstrap underwear back

Flat and broad elastic waistband with the Intymen tag in the front

Smooth and bulky pouch for enhanced visibility

Fabric composition: Polyamide and Spandex

About the brand

Intymen is a mainstream brand in the men’s underwear industry with an innovative assortment of plans from exemplary to hot. Intymen offers a wide assortment of men’s underwear like briefs, boxer brief underwear for men, male jockstraps, thongs for men, and shapewear. Since its establishment, the brand has been mainstream among modern men for their assortment of customary to sensual pieces for each personality. Intymen consolidates exemplary styles with present-day prints and examples to convey in vogue men’s underwear. Intymen offers an assortment of customary to fashion men’s underwear for each personality. Intymen joins exemplary styles with present-day prints and examples to convey stylish men’s underwear. The men’s designer underwear brand utilizes different highlights like concealed C-Rings, pouch enhancement procedures, and more to address the issues of men.

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About the mens jockstraps by Intymen

Mens jockstrap Underwear
Image Source: Intymen

When you look at the men’s jockstrap underwear, what matters most is the support and the fit of the pair. Well, you wouldn’t regret having this sexy underwear for men because of the way these hug your assets inside the pants. These male jocks are more like a second skin with the luscious feel down there. The flat waistband of the jockstrap underwear for men is all about providing the right fit yet feels soft on the skin and makes sure it doesn’t dig into the skin.
Next in line is the solid yet hot pouch enhancing underwear feature that ensures you are visible even in any kind of pants or shorts that you prefer to wear. The center seam allows your manhood to have more space down there. Turning over the men’s jockstrap underwear, you’d find that the conventional leg bands of the male jockstraps hold on to their place quite well so that there’s no or minimal movement in the front. It also makes sure that the pouch doesn’t jiggle a lot.

Mens jockstrap Underwear
Image Source: Intymen

Fabric Used

Fabric composition: Polyamide and Spandex

Colors in men’s jockstrap underwear








X large


$16.97 – $29.00

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