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New Launch: Good Devil GDH011 Playtime Boxer Trunk

by Tim David   ·  2 years ago  

Good Devil GDH011 Playtime Boxer Trunk highlights:

Good Devil’s Playtime Boxer trunk is very attractive due to the quirky print on it. This pair of men’s trunk can be worn when you want to play something. Not just the silhouette gives wearer immense comfort, the pouch in it even makes you feel comfortable. This comfortable pouch gracefully holds your genitals in one position.

Good Devil GDH011 Playtime Boxer Trunk
Image Source Skiviez

Good Devil’s Playtime Boxer trunk include drawstring which gives you proper fit. This drwastring is sturdy enough due to which the chances of falling of underwear decreases.

You can shop this pair in Small, Medium, Large and XLarge sizes.

About the Good Devil

Cutting edge brand for men which allows them to move the way they want is none other than your Good Devil. All the men’s underwear styles offered by Good Devil let wearer feel comfortable in their skin.

One of the biggest advtange of wearing Good Devil’s underwear styles is that you feel empowered. The way these styles are designed, its hard for other person to tell what’s hidden inside. Only you are well aware with the things down there.

Boxer Trunk
Image Source Skiviez

Good Devil men’s underwear styles are available on different websites. You can even shop your favourite styles from Good Devil’s official website.

About the men’s underwear

This comfortable pair of boxer shorts has been designed out of a quirky printed fabric. You can find this print design on the front as well as on the back with a color contrast drawstring on it.

This pair of boxer shorts offers ample amount of coverage on the front and back. If you ever feel nostalgic and just wish to relive your childhood days and the underwear styles that you used to wear at that time, then this pair of men’s underwear is what you need.

men underwear
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Not just that, this comfortable mens underwear can be worn for beach party having some fun. The playful designed men’s boxer shorts is comfortable and breathable. It offers a nice hold to your male genitals. Moreover, it offers you adequate amount of leg movement. Hence, you feel confident and free.

The fabric composition is another thing that makes this style even more better and comfortable. Designers have used Polyester-Spandex in this pair. Polyester-Spandex makes Good Devil GDH011 Playtime Boxer Trunk more durable and stretchable. This is the reason why you can consider wearing it at the time of workout. Moreover, the fabrics are soft on the skin. Hence, no question of discomfort.

Care Instruction of Good Devil GDH011 Playtime Boxer Trunk:

Playtime Boxer Trunk by Good Devil need to be washed with hands, unless it is advised to wash in machine. In case you are going for machine wash, always prefer cold. Other techniques such as bleach, ironing are not necessary in case of this men’s underwear .Tumble dry is also not required.

Fabric Used

  • Polyester – Spandex

Colors available

  • Print


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XLarge
Trunk for men
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