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What Does The History Of Male Underwear Looks Like?

by Tim David   ·  10 months ago  

The first known male underwear dates back almost 7000 years, when prehistoric man used leather to cover and protect his loins. Go through the guide for in-depth information.

Male underwear has been a basic necessity since the dawn of humanity. One of our body’s most delicate and sensitive parts has always been the male genitalia. Therefore, it requires care and protection. The main goal of early humans was to live and transmit their knowledge, culture, and genetic material to the next generation. And if we look at history, people have done a very decent job at it.

Even in the harshest and most severe environments, our ancestors managed to live, prosper, and give rise to the civilization that is now known as a modern society. However, male underwear was generally seen as a necessary piece of clothing in early civilization.

Age Before Time

About 6000 years ago, civilization first emerged. But mens underwear was invented 1000 years before civilization. When men first began covering their loins with leather and fur, they had recovered from hunting. It was 7000 years ago. Egyptian pharaohs have been discovered buried in several tombs in Egypt wearing just their loincloths and underwear for men.

Cover Male CMK022 USA Slip Thong
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476 AD

Mens underwear styles came in a variety of styles during the medieval ages. The braies was one of them. loose-fitting pants that required tying with laces at the waist and shins. They stretched from the waist to around mid-calf. These braies offered protection and upheld their etiquette if someone felt the need to take off their pants or trousers. The braies needed to be continually untied before being retied after finishing the task at hand.

This problem led to the development of the codpiece, which had a front opening that could be opened by snaps, buttons, or laces and allowed men to heed the call of nature without taking off their underwear.

Victorian Period

Men often wore loose-fitting “drawers” that reached the knee and were tightly fitted about the thighs and groin from the Victorian era until the 1930s. Men’s underwear during the time served just as a cover for your manhood and wasn’t designed for comfort.

Daddy DDE029 Jockstrap
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Additionally, the drawers did a good job of concealing the genitalia. However, the bunching, rolling, and drooping of the drawers inside the pants left little room for the groin to breathe and move, which led to pain.


The legendary boxing equipment and gear manufacturer Everlast was founded by Jacob Golomb, who didn’t begin experimenting with the trunks used by boxers and pugilists until approximately 1925. To make it more comfortable and well-fitting, he replaced the leather-belted trunks with elastic waistbands that could stretch.

This gave rise to boxer shorts. His boxer shorts weren’t a tremendous hit, though, because they didn’t provide enough support and leverage for the key groin areas while boxing.

Not until 1934 did a postcard alter the landscape of men’s underpants. The legless, snug male underwear with an overlapping Y fly that Arthur Kneibler, Executive and Designer at the Wisconsin Hosiery Company coopers Inc., mentioned for the first time was called “jockey shorts” because it offered the optimum degree of assistance and convenience, much like men’s jockstraps, which are now known as men’s briefs.

Agacio AGJ026 Mesh Panel Brief
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In the modern period, we continued to advance and strived to create new male underwear styles to transform the notion of underwear for men from merely being an item of clothing to hide beneath our trousers to something we can exhibit.

Calvin Klein aimed to change men’s underwear from a personal clothing item to a lifestyle and fashion statement in the 1970s and 1980s. There were introduced tighter, sexier cuts with bright, showy, and vibrant designs.

As the 20th century progressed, male underwear changed from being a supporting and cozy article of clothing to becoming a key element in your wardrobe to show off your wilder and naughtier side. We now live in a time where male thongs, g-string underwear, and male bikinis are worn for amusement.

These types of mens sexy underwear are typically made with the least amount of cloth and lace or thread that wraps around the buttocks, leaving the back unusual.

So, which of these male underwear styles do you prefer? In fact, which era’s undergarments are your favorites? Check out your favorites at Skiviez, now!!

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