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The only ways to keep your pants getting wet from the last pee drops

by loveforundies   ·  2 years ago  

Have you ever been through that moment when you feel that you just peed your pants a little after you just emptying your bladder? 

Well, you are not alone mate!!

If you think that this happens after a certain age, that’s not true either because what happens when you’re an elder is called urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is an ailment where the person is not able to handle the pressure of the urine and it just happens. On the other hand, this problem that this blog talks about can happen to anyone and everyone at any time.

Mens Boxer brief Underwear
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So, let us start with the reasons why you tend to pee your pants in the first place and then the probable solution to the issue.

Weak pelvic muscles

Incontinence is of various types and one of them is stress incontinence. Stress incontinence is “when urine leaks out at times when your bladder is under pressure; for example, when you cough or laugh. urge incontinence – when urine leaks as you feel a sudden, intense urge to pee, or soon afterwards”, as per NHS. Because of the stress incontinence, the pelvic muscles weaken causing peeing without control.

The increased body weight

This is scientifically proven that when you gain weight, you increase the risk of urinary incontinence. When you gain weight, you unnecessarily put a lot of pressure on your bladder that causes those sudden leaks.

The unstable diet

It is generally said, what you eat is what you are. Well, it certainly is correct because what you eat will affect your bladder. For example, lemon, caffeine, and other things do that.

Now that you know what causes the bladder to lose control, let us take a look at the options that would be helpful. If you want to stop your men’s underwear to get soaked every time you pee, these are things you should be doing. 

You might ask, it was supposed to be the pants in place of men’s underwear, right? 

Mens Briefs
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Well, your men’s fashion underwear certainly comes in between your pee and pants. Hence, the change of terms in the sentence there.

So, what are you supposed to do to stop that last drops of pee to come in contact with your pants? Let a look below.

Wear functional men’s underwear

This has to be the very first step. Think of it as your everyday barrier between the pee drops and your pants. When you wear a men’s underwear style like men’s boxer briefs or briefs for men, you place a shield between your shaft and the pants. So, the last drop or drops of urine fall on the fabric and are soaked. Well, that’s how you save yourself from being embarrassed.

Mens Brief Underwear
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Shake your shaft once done

This is the easiest and the most used way of getting rid of those last drops of urine below the belt. When you know that you’re done peeing, just shake the shaft so that in a way that the drops fall in the urinal rather than on your men’s underwear. This might be helpful for some and not for others. In case you think that this is not helping, try the other methods.

Use the toilet paper to wipe them off

The convenient ways are all that you have in this blog – thanks to us later. If you think that you might just pee a little more, why not use toilet paper and wipe off the leftover drops or those you think are almost out? Make use of the toilet paper and don’t let the pee ruin your dry feeling as well as your men’s sexy underwear or the pants too.

Drop your pants to your shoes

You might have done this one before – when you were little and you were told by your parents to take off your pants and men’s underwear to the toes. This would help you take time to bring them all up and by the time they’re up, the last drops would have fallen.

In case you don’t find any of this helpful, see a doctor, and take medical help.

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