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Manscaping and Men’s Underwear – What’s the relation?

by loveforundies   ·  2 years ago  

So, what is manscaping?

It is sad to say that we have to call it manscaping and nothing else because we have to keep the decorum going. So, manscaping the procedure of shaving the body hair from a male body. Whether it is the eyebrows, armpits, balls, and the adjacent areas for a cleaner appeal.

This is the same procedure that is called waxing when it comes to the lady-parts and hair from the rest of the body.

So, you might be wondering how manscaping and men’s underwear are related to each other right?

A part of manscaping (as it was mentioned above) is the below the belt region – the male anatomy. Often called the neglected area, below the belt, unmentionables, manhood and so many others, the male anatomy is one of the most fragile and important organs in a man’s body. 

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So, this is the blog where we talk about the relationship between manscaping and men’s underwear styles.

Manscaping opens the prospects of choosing various men’s underwear styles

Who doesn’t like showing off the underneath wearing different and exotic men’s erotic underwear styles? Well, even the most traditional personalities would want to give men’s bikini underwear or men’s bikini briefs a try. In that case, manscaping helps get rid of the ugly pubic hair to keep coming out of the waistband and the pouch sides. Manscaping is a good habit that helps you keep yourself clean for sure but when you think of keeping the under-belt fashionable, it is an integral part. The skimpier you go with your men’s underwear styles, the broader area is supposed to be kept cleaner. For example, men’s jockstraps need the butts to be cleaned properly because they’re exposed and depending on the cup size, the front has to be shaved off. Likewise, when it comes to men’s sexy underwear styles like male thongs or g-strings for men, you know that cleaning the entire area would be an appropriate option.

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Manscaping helps you sweat less – no sweat-stains on your men’s underwear

Only a man understand how sweaty and irritating it can get when you’ve got an entire forest down there. Being covered in thick hair with a pair of men’s underwear and then your pair of shorts or pants or trousers can get the manhood feeling messy and claustrophobic. Your manhood needs to breathe well – hence, it is recommended that you sleep going commando aka without wearing any men’s underwear style. However, what about the rest of the day? The most probable solution is to clean your intimate area and then choose to team up your favorite men’s fashion underwear style. Less hair directly means less sweat and more confidence below the belt.

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Clean intimate is a turn-on for your partner

No matter what men’s designer underwear style you choose to wear, if your intimate area is not cleaned properly, there’s no use in wearing sexy male underwear styles. After all, it’ll all end up being a regret taking off those undies for or after the foreplay. What turns on your partner is a properly groomed personality and not a hairy beast for sure. Would you like to see your partner covered in hair top to bottom? You wouldn’t right?? Well, that’s how it goes vice versa.

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So, now that we’re done talking about the relationship between manscaping and underwear for men, take a look below to see how to go about cleaning the area around your unmentionables.

Use a trimmer for the adjacent area

Starting with the adjacent area, use a good trimmer that would swish away the hair around your balls and shaft. Be slow and steady and DO NOT lose focus while doing this activity.

Never use the trimmer for the balls

For the love of your manhood and its masculinity, do not use a trimmer for getting rid of the hair on or around the balls. Instead, use a sharp, wet razor after applying the foam and get rid of them at a slow and steady pace. 
Also, there’s this blog on Mensuas that talks about below the belt groom, you should check it out if you’re a first timer.

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