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Underwear Review: Timoteo Capri Swim Thong For Men

by loveforundies   ·  12 months ago  

Features that make men’s thong underwear a must-have

The all-new Capri Swim Thong is super sexy and will surely have you turning heads. Perfect for swimming, beach, tanning or just hanging by the pool. This “male thong” has the fabric to give you coverage while it has high cuts to give you exposure. Hence, the combination of super sexy and super comfortable variant is combined in this “thong for men“. You need to choose the occasion and this pair of “mens underwear” will be ready to support your appearance. See the Instagram post of this model and know for yourself how astonishing it feels to experience something fascinating underneath. Click here:

Some detailed features of “mens thong underwear” is given below:

Size and Fit: Model is wearing a size Medium; Model is 6 ft 2 in, waist 32 in,

Pouch: contoured with center seam

Lining: Fully lined

Waistband: Thin banded elastic with a Timoteo flaglet on the left side.

Side Seam: 1 inch

Fabric Content: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold or hand washed in cold water, do not bleach, do not dry clean, do not tumble dry. Hang dry only.


Why have this mens thong underwear?

You should certainly have this “men’s thong underwear” for it is:




Suitable for any occasion

Why you shouldn’t have this mens underwear?

For some men who like to expose all that they have, won’t like the coverage that this “mens thong underwear” offers. It is always advised to wash your pair of mens lingerie so as to avoid the infections that can accompany a dirty pair.

Another problem that can occur is that of the size and issues like rashes, redness, etc. This can be avoided by choosing the perfect fabric and size according to your needs.

Image Credit: International Jock

About the brand

Since the beginning of the 21st century, “Timoteo underwear” has been the main topic in the festival and advancement of contemporary clothing that grasps the male body. From prints that notice back to the retro swimwear of the 1970s and 1980s, to plans that characterize and grasp the male body completely, “Timoteo underwear” is totally exceptional in its cutting edge style and attitude. The brand’s solid utilization of differentiating splendid and clear hues, summon a feeling of an advanced way of life. In addition, Timoteo’s “underwear for men” feels similarly as extraordinary as it looks. If you haven’t then you must try “mens underwear” from Timoteo once in your life.



Product fitting

The “men’s thong underwear” fit comfortably below the belt and show off what you have down there. The elastic waistband helps in getting the pair to remain close to your body.

Best occasions

When you plan to relax at home

While spending private time with your partner

While working in the office

Fabric composition

82% Nylon 18% Spandex

Available sizes





Why would we recommend it?

We recommend these “thongs for men” because every man needs to enhance their fashion in today’s world. This “men’s thong underwear” is the best variant to help you become a fashion influencer for many. With the best texture and construction, this “mens lingerie” is the best match for any occasion.


Leopard Blue

Zebra pink




$38.00 – $52.00

Buy it here:,31939.html

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