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Hope you have thong based out of these fabric in your closet.

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Underwear is an important part of your clothing. It acts like a rock-solid foundation on which the pillars of your outer clothing are standing and a slight discomfort can lead to huge embarrassment in front of thousands of people hence make sure your male thong comprises of these fabrics, polyester, nylon and bamboo. Polyester and nylon because they are ideal for your gym sessions and bamboo for those humid climates which are difficult to tackle. Besides fabric, you need to be very specific about the style which you are picking up for yourself. Starting with polyester first.


Well, polyester-based men’s thongs come with high durability with superb strength which makes them perfect for your pilates classes. When polyester gets collaborated with spandex, your male thongs become extremely durable but make sure the percentage of spandex in male thong shouldn’t be more than 5 % because that will lead to sagging of your men’s lingerie and that sounds awful.

Next reason to invest in a polyester-based male thong is due to its sweat-wicking and quick-drying properties which makes it an ideal choice for activewear. Besides that, polyester is a breathable, lightweight fabric. 

Though men are usually fond of navy blue, white and black men’s lingerie if you are planning to add a printed male thong in your closet, the good news is “yes! that option does exist” and the credit goes colour its capability of holding colour which you might not find in nylon fabric.

2. Nylon underwear

Nylon is a synthetic fabric and is one of the most useful synthetic fibre in the world. Well, this useful fabric was introduced in 1930 to the world and that changed everything.

Why its good to be a part of nylon male thong?

1. Male thongs crafted in it are elastic:

Nylon fabric comes with a high amount of elasticity which means it can return to its original shape but not when its stretched at an extreme level. Male thongs designed in Nylon shreds the wrinkles or creases. As every other fabric has its limitation so doers your nylon underwear.

2. Nylon men’s thong offers unbelievable comfort. 

Nylon clothing is a silk-substitute emulating the smooth, light-weight feel of silk. If you have delicate skin or are simply searching for a fun and luxurious feel in your clothing, nylon is an astounding alternative. Since it by and large keeps up its shape and has a frictionless vibe, you’ll discover nylon clothing doesn’t bundle, overlay, or move up like its cotton cousin. This implies the clothing stays where it ought to and conveys unmatched solace.

3. These thongs have the potential to dry up as quick as possible. 

Because of its absence of sponginess, nylon clothing doesn’t gather dampness and leave you with that clammy inclination cotton clothing now and then gives. This implies men who like to burn some calories are not left doused and perspiring after their work move or exercise!

4. Being a nylon thong owner, you don’t need to iron it. Isn’t that cool!

 Unlike cotton underwear which naturally shrinks 5-8% after washing, nylon underwear does not shrink after washing.

5. These men’s thong is as light as feather.

Nylon underwear is extremely light to the point where it is barely noticeable to many who wear it. Apart from the comfort this provides, it also makes travelling with the material much easier.

6. They prefer staying in their limits

Although giving the touch and partial look of silk, nylon underwear is much more affordable than comparable silk competitors.

3.Bamboo underwear

For making bamboo viscose the pulp from bamboo stalks is used. For feeding the pulp, mechanical spinners are used which helps in weaving the fibre together similar to how the yarn would be weaved together and from there onwards, its ready to be cut and designed into clothes!

Well, viscose is more of a technical term for what is commonly known as Bamboo, but both can be used interchangeably. Though viscose is made from natural fibres hence it’s not considered as natural material completely neither it’s considered as synthetic because its base fibres are from the natural source.

1. Bamboo underwear is soft to touch:

Clothing produced using bamboos is more sensitive than silk and gives comfort throughout the day. While most clothing can be awkward and irritated, bamboo fighters and underwear leave you with genuine feelings of serenity causing you to feel great in your skin.

2. They are known for Thermo control feature:

Regardless of how hard you work, the Viscose bamboo texture guarantees that you feel cool and invigorated as it whisks away all abundance heat. The texture itself is amazingly breathable.

3. Bamboo thong are odour Resistant:

 The antimicrobial and breathable natural feature of the bamboo shoot carries on to its underwear as it wicks away all odour, be it from excessive moisture or heat during the day or night.

4. Bamboo underwear is suggested for men with sensitive skin:

Bamboo clothing is astounding for those with touchy skin. People who experience the ill effects of tingling or potentially peevishness can wear it as a characteristic answer for their sensitivity. Its hypoallergenic include implies that it is once in a while tainted by microbes, not at all like filaments like cotton, which are human-made.

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