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Model Josh Watson In Box Men’s Jockstrap

by loveforundies   ·  12 months ago  

Josh Watson is the most popular underwear model from London, United Kingdom. His incredible physique and good looks make him considerable by the many popular fashion underwear brand campaigns. As you can see he is wearing men’s sexy jockstrap and looks stunning in that sexy jockstrap. Model Josh Watson has worn a jockstrap from the latest collection of jockstrap underwear by the underwear brand Box that is the most popular underwear brand in the young population. This underwear is designed with very soft fabric and an attractive style that works towards making personality more fashionable. Have a look at this underwear, if you like it you can follow him on Instagram to see more latest photographs in sexy underwear or you can visit the official website of Box underwear to get some for yourself.


Model: Josh Watson
Box Underwear
London, United Kingdom

mens underwear

Image source: Instagram

mens sexy underwear

Image source: Instagram

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Image source: Instagram

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