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Teamm8 Launched The Sexiest Swimwear Line For Men

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The highlights of the style 

Teamm8 Cobra Swim Brief for men is something which every man should invest in. This Cobra Print swim brief for men has a custom Cobra print which is available in two different color options- A Classic black/grey and an electric aqua blue/black combo.

These pair of swim briefs have unbeatable fit and cut, anatomically designed for those who like to embrace their features even while swimming. These pair of swim briefs for men are designed out of quick-dry 4-way stretch fabric and for extra toughness, designers have put lining inside. These swim briefs include an external tie-cord with coated metal tips. Because it has 7.5CM width at the hip, wearers feel comfortable while swimming. 

New Launches
Image Source: Teamm8

About the brand

TEAMM8 was established in the year 2008 by Michael Nicolas (Founder and Creative Director). TEAMM8 is premium Australian underwear, swimwear, and activewear label for men and design styles that offers confidence to today’s man. Their styles of men’s underwear and swimwear are blessed with superior designs, cut, and feel. To know more, visit the link mentioned below

About the men’s underwear

Teamm8 Cobra Swim Brief for men is one of the sexiest pairs of swimwear. This pair of men’s swim brief comes with various advantages that make it the reason for wearing before going for a swim. This swim brief for men has been designed from a quick-dry 4-way stretch fabric that allows a person to swim like a fish. Because of its skinny design, the person can stretch easily. 

Designers have incorporated lining inside the swim brief for enhancing its strength and offers an external tie-cord with coated metal tips. The person can perform his favorite swimming move because of the 7.5cm width at the hip.

This pair of swim briefs for men can be considered even when a person wishes to hang out or willing to hit those waves or chill by the bar or the pool.

Mens Brief Underwear
Image Source: Teamm8

Fabric Used

Lining: 100% Polyester

Fabric: 86% Polyester – 14% Elastane

Colors available










$USD 41.40

Buy it here:

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