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Good Devil Launches Ass Out Thong Underwear For Modern Men

by loveforundies   ·  5 months ago  

The Highlights Of The Style 

Good Devil has been offering some of the best styles of men’s underwear including thongs as well. This time Good Devil has launched another interesting pair of Good Devil Launches Ass Out Thong and we are here to do a short men’s thong review.


  • Ass Out Thong underwear for men is comfortable and supportive at the same time. Just like any other pair of thongs, this style has been designed similarly. The feature that makes it one-of-the-kind is its interesting waistband
  • Ass Out Thong for men includes two straps on one end and a broad fabric on another end. 
  • Another highlight that makes it a must-have pair, is the lack of label. This underwear comes with a brand logo on the front section. This sexy male underwear is available in different colors as well as sizes.
  • This male thong is seamless due to which wearer can pair it with any outfit of his choice. Whether it’s your skinny trousers or gym leggings, if you are comfortable wearing them, go ahead.

About The Brand

Good Devil has been offering some of the classy and sexy range of men’s underwear, including styles such as mens briefs, swimming outfits for men, etc. This sexy range also includes styles such as c-strings, men’s g-strings, thong underwear for men, and even jockstrap.

Designers at good devil are working hard to offer an incredible and erotic pair of lingerie. Regardless of whether you incline toward sheer briefs or thong underwear, goodevil underwear styles permit you to remain popular and in style. Good Devil is more than this therefore click on the link below;

About The Men’s Underwear

Good Devil Ass Out Thong underwear is simple yet unique in itself. 

  • Starting with its design, Good Devil Ass Out Thong underwear is skinny in design and comprises two straps on the waistband. The entire pair of this lingerie has been covered by the same colored piping. 
  • Men who are worried about the protection and support factor can wear these as it comes with a contour pouch. Contour pouch in this goodevil underwear, not only offers the right protection but a great shape to your manhood.
Good devil thong underwear
Image Source: Mensuas
  • To enhance the client’s comfort level, designers have made this “label-less”. The logo of Good devil can be found in the front section.
  • Polyamide and spandex make this pair of lingerie great for activities such as gymming and beach activities. Polyamide-based underwear is soft from the inside and tough from the side. Polyamide underwear is extremely soft on the skin due to which person feels great. Polyamide underwear for men is stretchable even when wet. 
  • Spandex-based thong underwear is lightweight against your legs and skin. This pair of lingerie retains its original shape even after getting several washes. This pair of men’s underwear is stronger than other fabrics while remaining thin. 
  • This mens sexy underwear blog conveys a strong message of staying stylish without compromising on the most important factors. This sexy male underwear is available in different colors as well as sizes such as Small, Medium, Large, and Xlarge. Good Devil Ass Out Thong has been designed in colors such as Royal blue, Red, and Black.
  • Speaking about the maintenance, even though it comprises one of the deadliest fabric compositions, machine wash is something that is still not suggested to men in the case of Ass Out Thong. One should wash this sexy male underwear with hands and gentle washing soap. Tumble dry and ironing are too prohibited and air dry is the right alternative.

Fabric Used in Good Devil Launches Ass Out Thong

Polyamide – spandex

Colors available

  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large 
  • Xlarge



Buy it here:

After this men’s thong review, we highly recommend this style to every modern men out there who is more than just 9 to 5 man. 

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