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Halloween Costumes – Where Did All Start?

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Every year Halloween is celebrated on October 31st. This year Halloween Costumes will be held on Sunday, October 31st, 2021. Speaking about the custom dates back to the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain. This was when people used to lit bonfires and dress up in various and unique costumes to fend off ghosts. Now, that’s interesting!

According to history, Pope Gregory 3 announced November 1, a day of celebration. A day when all the saints of the ninth century were celebrated. Furthermore, the elements of Samhain’s customs were incorporated. Events such as Trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, celebratory parties, donning costumes, and eating treats became part of Halloween’s tradition.

Why wearing Halloween Costumes is so important?

The tradition of dressing up for Halloween incorporates both European as well Celtic origins. Speaking about hundred years ago, winter was a perilous and terrible season. Further, food supplies were depleted and various people who were scared of the dark found the short days of winter to be a source of persistent anxiety.

There is a belief that on Halloween ghosts return to the earthly world and people are used to people that they might encounter ghosts if they leave their homes during Halloween night. Hence, to bluff ghosts, they used to wear masks while leaving their homes after dark. This was one of the reasons why there is a custom of wearing costumes on Halloween.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Villagers used to play pranks on one another wearing costumes and blaming the spirits. You can say, wearing costumes was a fun way to celebrate the occasion. Furthermore, masks as well as cover-ups The term “getting away with it” developed to mean “getting away with it.” This has remained the case throughout the history of Halloween.” In the late 15th century, people began dressing up as winter spirits or demons, and in exchange for food, they would provide poems, music, and folk dramas (a practice known as “mumming”).

Costumes that you can wear this Halloween

Assane Diop

Remember Assane in Netflix’s Lupin this year? He is known for his great style sense and few signature pieces. His charming looks complement the attire very well.

Halloween Costumes

Now the question is, how to wear his attire that looks like Halloween? For that you need to stole his overcoat( not literally) and driver’s cap. To make it slightly naughty and yourself look hottie, then switch to men’s jockstrap underwear. Trust me, jockstrap underwear for men looks so sexy and the way it embraces your physique is marvelous. Don’t forget to wear that black mask.

Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe’s look can be your next Halloween dress-up theme. Well, you don’t need to copy the entire outfit, all you have to do is pair these shorts with men’s brief underwear. Flaunt your waistband and the brand of which you are wearing that underwear. 

Halloween Costumes Ideas

We understand looking good is important but for us, comfort is the most important factor.


This Halloween, the long-awaited sequel to 1986’s blockbuster Top Gun will be released, making it the ideal opportunity to dust off your best fighter pilot gear before it becomes everyone’s go-to costume.

Halloween 2021 Blogs

It’s Halloween and you are planning to zip up the attire? No way. Flaunting your abs is a must.

Duke of Hastings, Bridgerton

We know how much what girls feel for the Duke of Hastings. And they will feel heartbroken if they come to know that Duke of Hastings may not be coming for Season 2.

Halloween 2021
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Here’s your chance to get inspired by him and dress up like him this Halloween. Pair a slim-fit Mandarin Collar Jacket with a pair of men’s boxer briefs and boots. Jockstrap for men. The slim-fit jacket will embrace your flank muscles and this sexy men’s underwear will enhance your lower anatomy. Keep the buttons closed before arriving at the party and once you arrive, just walk with confidence and with buttons open.

All the Halloween costumes mentioned above are unique and your confidence is what makes these costumes unique as well as charming. So go ahead and grab any costume with confidence. 

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