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Briefs or jockstrap- what’s your trick or treat this Halloween?

by loveforundies   ·  1 month ago  

It’s Halloween and we don’t even talk about trick or treat, that’s not fair. You have been celebrating trick or treat in the old and traditional manner, this time we want you to celebrate trick or treat with a twist. This time trick or treat with briefs or jockstrap underwear. We know you must be thinking “what is this person talking about?” trick or treat can never happen with pair of underwear. Well, what I meant was do trick or treat wearing men’s brief underwear and male jockstrap. This time perform this activity wearing a pair of men’s briefs, a fur coat, a cowboy hat, and boots. Or if you are comfortable wearing a pair of jockstrap underwear for men. The men’s Briefs or jockstrap both are comfy styles.

Halloween: CDC says no trick-or-treating amid COVID-19
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What’s your Pick Briefs or jockstrap on this Halloween

Briefs for men

Briefs are a type of underwear with a high leg opening. Low-rise briefs are perfect for guys who want to wear low-rise jeans, gym pants, and shorts since they sit below the natural waistline on the hips, around three inches below the belly button.

Mens Hot Underwear

Speaking about the fit of briefs, they are tight yet provide great support. Moreover, the elastic used in your men’s brief underwear let you’ll avoid the embarrassment of an unintended erection by keeping your genitalia at a greater temperature hence it’s a good pair of underwear for Halloween. 

Mens Brief underwear
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Well, you must have heard “you should never judge the book by its cover” and that’s what you should do with your pair of briefs. Don’t judge the performance of this male underwear just because it’s simple looking. It comes with a strong grip on the pouch even in times of athletic activities. Furthermore, if you’re wearing skinny jeans, they’re less likely to show through. Briefs are the more preferred option for this reason. 

Keeping all these benefits in mind you can go with male brief underwear this Halloween. Briefs for men keep you safe and sound and let you enjoy your moments better. This pair of underwear is great for those who are looking for a snug pair of underwear that is comfortable and supportive at the same time.

Jockstrap underwear

There are plenty of good reasons why you should wear a men’s jockstrap this Halloween and one of them is its silhouette. It comes with two elastic straps, waistband and pouch to cover as well as protect your manhood. Besides being sexy male underwear, it’s comfortable to wear just like thongs. 

Mens White Jockstrap
Image Source: Box Underwear

Jockstrap for men is designed to keep your pieces in place and prevent them from shifting. Furthermore, it counteracts the effects of any strain or injury sustained when participating in any sport. It gives your outfit a more beautiful appearance and definition that’s the reason why we suggest you wear it on Halloween. Whether you want to keep jockstrap underwear in the spotlight by not wearing anything or wish to wear beneath your Halloween costume, it’s your call.

Consider these briefs for Halloween-

CheapUndies – Halloween Brief

Underwear for Halloween

Halloween Brief by CheapUndies is one of my favorite pairs of briefs. This pair of briefs features a print with pumpkins, ghosts, and tombstones. Apart from great print, it is budget-friendly pair of underwear. So do checkout

Andrew Christian – Ghost Brief

Buy Andrew Christian
Image Source: Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian’s Ghost Brief is another excellent Halloween alternative. This underwear is available in a limited edition and contains a lovely blue and white little ghosts pattern. The design features a “hang-free” bag that is quite comfortable.

Pairs of Jockstrap we are completely hooked on-

CandyMan Bikini Jockstrap Color Black-Rainbow

CandyMan Prints Jockstrap is ideal for the man who likes a sporty-meets-sexy look, with a low rise, lean cut bikini with a gorgeous cut-out that will enhance your butt and provide all the support you require. You’re left with a body-flattering and oh-so-sexy style that’s ideal for any occasion.

CandyMan Pikante Underwear
Image Souce: Candymen

CandyMan Lace Harness-Jockstrap Outfit Color Black

CandyMan Lace Harness- Jockstrap Outfit is a two-piece set designed in sexy lace and elastic straps. Further, it comes with a triangle top with peek-a-boo cups and a matching jockstrap.

CandyMan  Harness-Jockstrap O
Image Source: Candy Man

Its minimal rear coverage gives you a nice exposure so that you can flaunt your best features when needed. Moreover, the adjustable straps give you enough comfort. Just make sure you wash it separately, drip dry, and do not bleach.

Happy Halloween

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