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Underwear Review: Jockey Microfiber Active Trunk and Brief

by loveforundies   ·  2 weeks ago  

Features that make styles a must-have

  • Jockey is all about comfort and support. From silhouette of the underwear to fabrics used in the construction of underwear are meant for everyday comfort. As a brand, Jockey provides undergarments for men as well as women as well as kids.
Jockey Mens Trunk Underwear
Image Source: Jockey
  • Although we love all sorts of men’s underwear but the ones which we would highly recommend are Jockey Microfiber Active Brief and Jockey Microfiber Active Trunk. Microfiber is the biggest reason for suggesting these pairs of men’s underwear.
Underwear Review: Jockey
Image Source: Jockey

Starting with Jockey Microfiber Active Trunk:

  1. This is a low-rise pair of men’s underwear.
  2. Provide complete coverage
  3. Doesn’t promote fly design
  4. The Microfiber fabric used in it gives a lightweight feel. In other words, lightweight cooling fabric.
  5. The wearer can machine wash the underwear at 40°C. 
  6. Great for everyday use.
  7. Comfortable and supportive.

Another style which we have is Jockey Microfiber Active Brief for men:

  1. 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane
  2. Suitable for men indulged in intense physical activities.
  3. Great for everyday use.
  4. Comfortable and supportive.
  5. Hold your manhood firmly yet gently.
  6. Stretchable and provide great leg movement
  7. No-fly design.
  8. Can be machine washed at 40°C.
Mens Sexy Underwear
Image Source: Jockey

Why have these?

  • Having these pairs of men’s underwear are only beneficial. Whether you go for Jockey Microfiber Active Trunk for men or Jockey Microfiber Active Brief underwear for men, you will stay supportive. You can wear any of these styles for your everyday activities. 
  • Jockey Microfiber Active Brief underwear for men keeps you cool during intense workouts. And so is Jockey’s men’s trunk underwear. 
  • All-day comfort is provided by ultra-smooth, quick-drying microfiber and mesh panels. The microfibre fabric has a special treatment that resists odor-causing germs and keeps you smelling fresh. For your convenience, a two-pack is now available.
  • Jockey Microfiber Active Trunk underwear for men, on the other hand, is made of ultra-soft, quick-drying microfiber and mesh panels. Hence, the wearer feels more comfortable. Further, it lasts from the warm-up through the cool-down. The microfiber fabric has been specifically developed to reduce odor-causing microorganisms, allowing you to feel fresher throughout the day.

Why you shouldn’t have this men’s underwear?

According to us, there is not a single disadvantage in any of these styles.

About the brand

Jockey, which was founded in 1876, was a pioneer in the field of innerwear, evolving and changing not just the product but also the manner it was promoted over time. Jockey is a renowned maker and marketer of comfort gear, with products marketed in over 140 countries. Quality, comfort, fashion, innovation, and value are all important to the company. Jockey’s straightforward commitment to serving its customers’ demand for comfort has been the brand’s signature as it has grown in size and sophistication.

Product fitting


Best occasions

  • Working out
  • Everyday

Fabric composition

  • 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane

Available sizes

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Xlarge
  • 2Xlarge
  • 3Xlarge
  • 4Xlarge
  • 5Xlarge
  • 6Xlarge

Why would we recommend it?

  • Comfortable and supportive are two major factors for recommending this style to men. Further, this pair of men’s briefs will keep you cool even while you are working out and that too intense workout. Moreover, this pair of men’s underwear even compliments tough work schedules due to 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane. This deadly fabric composition gives you great comfort and lets you stretch easily as it offers adequate leg movement. 
  • All-day comfort is provided by ultra-smooth, quick-drying microfiber and mesh panels. A unique treatment on the microfibre fabric fights odor-causing microorganisms and keeps you smelling fresh.
Mens Microfiber Active Trunk Underwear
Image Source: Jockey
  • If you want to give Jockey Microfiber Active Sport Trunk underwear a short, without thinking twice you can give this style a shot as well. Its low rise and provide you complete coverage. Moreover, no-fly design is incorporated by designers in both styles. Although both the men’s underwear styles by Jockey are advisable for machine wash but not for bleaching. You may machine dry and iron the style. For machine wash, make sure you do it at 40°C.
  • Both the styles are available in convenient 2 packs. Enjoy your stay!


  • Jockey® Microfiber Active Trunk 2-Pack- £22.00
  • Jockey® Microfiber Active Brief 2-Pack- £18.00

Buy it here:

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