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Underwear motivation: Addicted 3 pack camo mesh thong

by loveforundies   ·  2 months ago  


When you talk about “Addicted underwear” the thing that strikes the mind is a comfortable pair of mens underwear which carries all the abilities. Addicted has a lot of variants in its collections but this mens thong underwear is way more than you expect. It is a combination of comfort, support, style, seductive looks, etc. The “mens underwear brand” Addicted has excelled in its field and has known for making the best pairs for its customers.

About the brand

The addicted “mens underwear brand” is planned and fabricated in Barcelona, Spain. Their items are hued and new. They additionally propose the exceptional pack up boosting froth cup in a few plans and have a solid athletic feel to its scope of “mens jockstraps, mens boxers, and mens briefs. “Addicted underwear” additionally has an impressive assortment of swimwear. This brand is in the mens underwear industry for a long duration and has brought forward the new “mens underwear styles” for the men who crave for a fashion built personality.

addicted male thong

Image Source: Addicted

About the variant

The Addicted Camo Mesh Thong Push Up is crafted with comfort in mind. Blended mesh fabric in this “mens underwear” offers a great feel, perfect for daily wear. Complete with Addicted’s Push Up System, this design of “mens thong underwear” enhances your package without the use of padding. Contrasting lines highlight and accentuate the camo design. This “male thong” is designed and made in Barcelona. You can feel heavenly by carrying this pair of mens lingerie. It has all the advantages that you expect from your “underwear for men”. You can know more about this pair in the YouTube video here:

Main features

  • Pack of 3 thongs with push up (increases volume)
  • 80% polyester, 10% cotton & 10% spandex
  • Very comfortable mesh fabric
  • Contrasting lines
  • ADDICTED on the waistband
  • Designed & made in Barcelona

What’s more in it?

Before you go for any other thing, check out the posts of the models who look highly confident wearing the “Addicted underwear”. You can know more about it here:


Ethan O’pry







Extra large

Double extra large

Triple extra large




What do we like?

We like everything regarding Addicted underwear. You just have to choose the correct fit and this “mens thong underwear” will be at your help. Check out the Instagram page and look at how exciting this model appears. Check it out here:

How to keep it new?

You need to follow some instructions in order to keep your pair new just like you have to hand wash this pair of “mens underwear“. Do not put it to dry in excess heat. Do not throw it in a dryer. Wash it separately.

What can be the problem?

Riding up the fabric into the butt crack can be the problem that can be shoved-off by choosing the correct size. Once you feel the redness on your skin or the rashes then make sure you choose the right size.



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