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Hot male underwear brands to consider this 2022

by loveforundies   ·  2 years ago  

Sometimes when you want to turn up the heat, you need sultry styles as their silhouettes beautifully enhance your features that help in taking things to next level. Hot male underwear styles are a must for those also who are done with wearing boring underwear styles like boxers. And when the underwear market is filled with so many exciting pairs of male underwear you`ll be sure to find the perfect pair for every mood. Looking for some help? Give a chance to these hot male underwear brands this 2022.

Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is still in 1st place on our list due to its sexy underwear styles. The Brand offers a variety of groundbreaking designs that will make you look and feel sexy. Furthermore, every pair of men’s underwear is unique to your personality. This hot male underwear brand offers sexy styles and the opportunity to enhance your features wearing them. You can go with male jockstraps, briefs, and even singlets, whichever you feel will be correct for you. Or you can even go with our choice of product.

Andrew Christian male underwear brands
Image Source: Andrew Christian

Product: Metallic Zebra Brief Jock w/ Almost Naked

Gregg Homme

Discover the newly discovered self-confidence in an eye-catching lingerie style that aims to please. Choose a thin pair of thongs that has little impact on your imagination or thongs made out of lace or mesh or synthetic leather. Furthermore, Gregg Homme even sells sexy briefs, swimwear trunks as well as boxer shorts for men. You are sure to impress yourself (and your partner) when you slip into some of the finest lingerie in the world.

Gregg Homme male underwear brands
Image Source: Gregg Homme


Male Power

Male Power is another hot male underwear brand that offers styles designed in bright colors to beautiful lace. Furthermore, this male underwear brand creates styles that you definitely don’t want to take off. Someone with a bold personality can look out for styles such as trunks, bikinis, and thongs for men. With a bold design made from a variety of materials, each pair creates a sultry feel. Feel unstoppable with carefully placed notched swimming trunks, or dare to tease with a thin thong. No matter what you choose, you will ensure that your underwear drawers are upgraded.

Male Power male underwear brands
Image Source: Male Power

Product: Athletic Mesh Sport Thong


From trendy harnesses to revealing thongs, you name it and Candyman has it. Candyman’s underwear styles for men help in setting the mood when required. Furthermore, lingerie pairs with straps are a prevalent feature that allows you to show off in ways you didn`t know were possible. The male lingerie pairs provided by Candyman look great when worn with confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Go and shop your favorite styles or you can even go with the product, which you have picked for you.

candymanfashion male underwear brands
Image Source: Candyman

Product: HAWAI 42154 Solid Microfiber Thongs Color Amber


Intymen is one of our favorite male underwear brands which offers a creative collection of traditional as well as erotic pieces. These pieces combine a basic fit with modern and intimate design elements including clings and hammocks to enhance pouches and other fun enhancements. Along with that, this hot male underwear brand offers various other styles of male underwear such as classic pairs of briefs, boxers with tacky bottoms, and light clothing.

intymen male underwear brands
Image Source: Intymen

Product: Intymen INE024 Lover Jockstrap

The best part about Intymen’s underwear styles is that you do not have to compromise with the comfort and support factor. One element that makes this brand’s underwear line unique is the color palette used by their designers. The color palette is neither too bold nor too subtle. Intymen’s entire range is suitable for each type of man. Intymen’s lingerie and swimwear look great!


Which is your favorite male underwear brand? Do let us know. If you know any other brand, comment down below.

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