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These styling tips will help you to leave a long-lasting impression in men’s g-string underwear

by loveforundies   ·  8 months ago  

Mens g-string underwear , have you ever thought of styling this sexy male underwear ? No, right! and we completely understand. Underwear has always been treated as a protective pair of clothing that supports you and gives extra bulge, and improves the shape of your bulge. And it’s a fact as well.

But in this blog, we will be focusing on ways of styling your mens g-string because yes, it is possible. G-string underwear for men is considered as beachwear. Not all men like to wear mens g-string underwear as beachwear, some of them like to stick to styles like a mens bikini or mens bikini briefs. But for those who like to, this blog is dedicated to them. So are you ready?

1.Mens g-string underwear and tank top

We love this combination because this not only embraces your lower body, it even embraces your upper body features. So all those men who have six abs and biceps should give this a shot. Just make sure your mens g-string underwear and tank top doesn’t belong to the same color family. To complete the look, either you can go for sunglasses or flip flops

There are several brands offering mens g-string underwear but the ones which we trust are -Mensuas, Skiviez and International Jock.

Mens g-string underwear
Image Source: Menandunderwear

2.Mens g-string underwear and white formal shirt

It’s hard to deny the importance of a formal white shirt. They are classy, evergreen, and enhance your features. One can never go wrong with a white formal shirt and the best part of the white shirt is that they even compliment g-string underwear for men.

Mens g-string underwear
Image Source: Istockphoto

Men with great physique should opt for a slim fit and should keep the buttons open. Put some oil or body butter for a better appearance. To complete the look, go with sunglasses, flip flops or a beach bag. 

3.G-string underwear for men and Linen shirt, classy combination

Men who take clothing seriously can pick a linen shirt. Linen shirts are one of the most classy pair of shirts that can be worn on casual and formal occasions.

Mens g-string underwear
Image Source: Pinterest

Linen is the quintessential summer fabric, and no place does the fabric look as much at home as it does in shirt structure. It will look wrinkled however, that is only the reckless mentality it has, so on the occasion that you are worried about looking too folded search for a mix with cotton which backs out a portion of those folds. 

Linen shirts go well with mens g-string underwear as well. You can fold the sleeves, unbutton a few buttons from the top and wear your favorite pair of flip-flops. This pair of the shirt come in different designed appearances however look best in a single, block color with much else looking somewhat occupied among the exquisite folds. They’re likewise very much matched with skinny trousers and even with your swimwear, so look to a couple of thick cotton twill chinos that will remain wrinkle-free.

Well, there are several other ways also to style this sexy male underwear such as with Polo shirts, mesh tops but these are our favorite looks which we suggest to all men. Do give them a try and let us know your experience. We are waiting.

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